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ISGD Pre-Show (18 minutes)
I Have To Kill You Now - Carla Ulbrich
You Look Mahvelous - Fernando (Billy Crystal)
Teatime Movies - Art Fern
ISGD Part One of Three (average length 50 minutes)
Set 1:
Fake I.D. - Tim Cavanagh
I Gotta Get a Fake I.D. - Barnes And Barnes With Friends
Square Root Dance, The - Dave Guhlow
Brady Bunch Theme, The - Richard Cheese
Current Events - Don Rickles
Set 2:
This Groove (Is Too Dope for Us) - Scooter Picnic featuring Lindsay Smith
Plastic Beach - TV's Kyle
Iron Man - Insane Ian
Show Biz And Travel - Don Rickles - J. Geils Band, The - David Tanny with Mr. Smith and His Class
Set 3:
Love Stinks
First Recording Ever Made Apr 26 1972 (128)
Thoughts - Don Rickles - Five Americans
Golden Moldy Oldie from 1967
Western Union
End of Part
ISGD Part Two of Three (average length 50 minutes)
Set 4:
No Anchovies, Please - J. Geils Band, The
Backchat Letters by David Tanny - Jeff Probst
Some Good Friends - Don Rickles
Set 5:
Happy Happy Birthday Song, The - Arrogant Worms, The
Jim Rockford Visits Jack in The Box - David Tanny - Tristan D - J. Geils Band
D.T. Mention On ZDM August 16, 2013
Freeze Frame
Sinatra - Don Rickles
Set 6:
Birthday Cake Polka, The - Sheriff John
KBest 95 Request - David Tanny And "Shotgun" Tom Kelly
Mentioning David Tanny - from Matlock TV show
G.E. Sucks Letter by David Tanny - David Letterman
Happy Birthday - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Saving The Wave from 1981
Happy Birthday - Altered Images
End of Part
ISGD Part Three of Three (average length 50 minutes)
Set 7:
Insane, Insane Again - J. Geils Band, The
Happy Birthday - Adam And Andrew
Answering Machine Message - David Tanny
Night Clubs - Don Rickles
Set 8:
If Men Could Get Pregnant - Lauren Mayer
Jeffersons Theme - Richard Cheese
Sports - Don Rickles
Set 9: The Time Machine Six-Pack: 1960 (the first six songs originally heard on the DFSX Time Machine series)
Alley-Oop - Hollywood Argyles, The
Masochism Tango, The - Tom Lehrer
Supercharger - Stan Freberg
Hot Rod Lincoln - Johnny Bond
Goodness Gracious Me! - Peter Sellers And Sophia Loren
Merchandising The Wright Brothers - Bob Newhart - Bangles, The
Closing Song: from 1987
Walking Down Your Street
End of Part
Promo for Next Week's Show
ISGD Bonus (10 minutes)
(First I Was A Hippie, Then I Was A Stock Broker) Now I Am A Hippie Again - Bobs, The
Dumb Car, The - David Tanny - J. Geils Band, The
Musta Got Lost
I Still Get Demented #17-16 April 22, 2017
Topic: My Birthday, Don Rickles, J. Geils


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