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Duration: 2:37 (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Release Date: 1955 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
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Song Lyrics:
Say everybody!
It’s time for a square dance!
A VERY square dance
Alright, here we go!

Chicken in the breadpan, duck with a clam
Crab with the oyster, there we am

Everybody swing that thing that you…
Wait a minute, hold it, hold on there, ju…

(What’s the matter?
What we stoppin’ fer?)

Well, tell you the truth,
I don’t even know what we’re singing about
"Chicken in the breadpan, duck with a clam…"
Boy, I don’t even know what those words mean
As a matter of fact, I…
Think it’s high time there were some new
Square dance words and I brought some along and
Here we go!...

Rub your belly with Linseed Oil,
Wrap your head in aluminum foil
(ah, ha, hey, hey! Whoo!)

Scratch your back where it may itch,
Tune right in to Faye and Skitch

Play gin rummy with fourteen decks,
Punch and Judy, Jinx and Tex

Peas and carrots, puddin and pie,
I'll give you a punch in the eye!

Blow your brains out, flip your lid
Oh, you crazy mixed up kid!
(Ah, ha ha ha ha! Ha ha!)

Now swing your Clyde an' wash your face
In a genuine styrene carryin' case!
(Sing it, Steve!)

Turkey in a hay-loft, monkey in a tree,
Princeton 12 and Navy 3

Possum up a hound-dog, chicken up a coon,
Let's have lunch some afternoon!

Ev'rybody jump an' rock an' roll,
I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole!

Now Davy Crockett dreamed and planned
An' he plays trombone with Basie's band

I said, Davy Crockett from Tennessee,
He's the greatest thing since Pinky Lee!

At forty-five it may sound great,
But spin this record at seventy-eight

Swimmin' in the water, flyin' in the air,
I think this dance is pret...ty… square...
Real square!
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Played on 2 shows:
02-28-17, #MMS-21303-25-79, #79-12
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