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New Recordings in 2017

This page highlights new songs, recordings and albums released in 2017. It also provides an easy way to add them to your collection!

Recordings released in 2017, and not previously released, qualify for requests/voting for the year-end "Best of 2017 Mad Music Show!"

If you know of a Mad Album or Silly Song released in 2017 what is not listed here please e-mail me and I'll add it!

 = Album,  = Song/Track

Artist(s)TypeTitleReleasedMusic StorePrice
"Weird Al" YankovicMedium Rarities [Stand-alone Release]2017  
"Weird Al" YankovicSqueeze Box: The Complete Works of “Weird Al” Yankovic2017  
"Weird Al" YankovicThe North Korea Polka (Please Don't Nuke Us)2017  
2d6 feat. the great Luke Ski & Detox the KidI Brake For Cake (Next Level Hotel Food)2017  
Aaron Fraser-NashOld Pennywise Vs New Pennywise2017  
Aivi & Surasshu feat. Patti Lupone & DeeDee Magno HallWhat's the Use of Feeling Blue?2017  
Anthony "A-Log" LoGattoCaptain Jack Strikes Back!2017  
Anthony "A-Log" LoGattoHey, Guardians!2017  
Art Paul SchlosserAre You Afraid?2017  
Art Paul SchlosserI'm The Swag201799¢
Art Paul SchlosserShock Me201799¢
Art Paul Schlosser featuring Tim FinneganWhat Superhero Do You Want To Be2017  
Bob At The BarBob At The Bar Anthem2017  
BonecageA Horse Named George201799¢
BonecageDuck You Hard (YouTube Diss Track) - Adpocalypse Now2017  
BonecageMy Butt Feels Weird (Ask Your Grandma)2017  
BonecageToaster Penis (Andromeda)201799¢
Bonecage feat. Dan Bull & DaddyPhatSnapsFriday The 13th (Axe To Grind)2017  
Boy Meets RobotIt's Not Easy Being Kylo Ren2017  
Cathy RichardsonLearning To Drive2017  
Chris WolvieHey, Wonder Woman!2017  
Consortium of Genius, TheGet Out Of The Lab2017  
Consortium of Genius, TheInternet Is Mine, The2017  
Consortium Of Genius, TheWelcome To The Lab2017  
Darren ChraplakLeave It To Beaver2017  
Darren ChraplakOff the Record Anthem 20172017  
Dave GuhlowMy Ear Has Worms2017  
David Tanny(Professor) Fingelheimer Song, The2017  
David TannyBlank Trading Cards2017  
David TannyiHurtRadio2017  
David TannyNintendope Wyyy Gaming System: DopeyMon Go Simulator, The2017  
David TannyTen Clowns2017  
David TannyThe (Rodney) Bingenheimer Song2017  
Derwood BowenArtwork2017  
Derwood Bowen feat. Brenden StrangeBitcoin Pimp2017  
Devo SpiceGravity is Stupid2017  
Devo SpiceJust For You2017  
Devo SpiceTrick Or Treatin'2017  
Devo SpiceWhat's Really in my Hot Dog2017  
Devo Spice feat. Blythe RenayReally Bad Things201799¢
Dino-MikeStand By, You2017  
Drew JacobsYou Ought To Throw Those Clubs Away2017  
Elliott Huffman99 Dead Baboons2017  
Elliott HuffmanIn The Lunchroom2017  
Flatworms, TheDuel, The2017  
FuMP, TheWe Want The FuMP201799¢
Gary BakerIt's Ok To Lie About Fishing2017  
great Luke Ski feat. Carrie Dahlby & Bonnie Gordon, TheRogue2017  
great Luke Ski, TheCandybars2017  
Greg ChampionDroppin' Off The Perch2017  
Greg ChampionKeep This Old Truck Tickin'2017  
GrottomaticWhen I'm Dead, Part 32017  
HalfshellFull Moon Rising [Angry Mob Mix]2017  
HalfshellHungry, Said the Wolf201799¢
HalfshellHungry, Said The Wolf (2017 Rough Master)2017  
HalfshellHungry, Said the Wolf (2017 Version Backtrack)2017  
HalfshellHungry, Said the Wolf [The Big Bad Mix]2017  
HalfshellI'm A Big Beaver2017  
HalfshellLady Madonna2017  
HalfshellScience Fiction Double Feature2017  
HalfshellStar Trek Fan [Captain Mix]2017  
HalfshellStar Trek Fan [Single]2017  
HalfshellSweet Bear o' Mine [Non-Panic Version]2017  
HalfshellSweet Bear o' Mine [Panic Version]2017  
Holderness Family, TheBaby, Here's a Toaster2017  
Holy BongwaterEdgy Atheist Hallelujah2017  
Holy BongwaterEggos2017  
Holy BongwaterElectric Chair2017  
Holy BongwaterHere Comes The Sun2017  
Holy BongwaterHow Far I'll Troll201799¢
Insane IanBowling Green Fabrication Society, The201799¢
Insane IanClosure2017  
Insane IanHufflepuffs2017  
Insane IanMeet The Avengers2017  
Insane IanPotionmaker (Live at FuMPFeST 2017)2017  
Insane IanSummer Time Jam2017  
Jim's Big EgoTalking Bowling Green Massacre Blues2017  
Jimmy Fallon feat. Kevin BaconFirst Drafts of Rock: Lola by The Kinks2017  
Joe J. ThomasHell of Diets, The201799¢
Johnny Memphis BandSomebody Stole My Kielbasa2017  
Jonathan CoultonAll This Time2017  
Jonathan CoultonAll to Myself (Pt. 1)2017  
Jonathan CoultonAll to Myself (Pt. 2)2017  
Jonathan CoultonBall and Chain2017  
Jonathan CoultonBrave2017  
Jonathan CoultonDon't Feed the Trolls2017  
Jonathan CoultonOrdinary Man2017  
Jonathan CoultonPictures of Cats2017  
Jonathan CoultonPulled Down the Stars2017  
Jonathan CoultonRobots.txt2017  
Jonathan CoultonSolid State2017  
Jonathan CoultonSolid State (Reprise)2017  
Jonathan CoultonSquare Things2017  
Jonathan CoultonSunshine2017  
Jonathan CoultonThere You Are2017  
Jonathan CoultonWake Up2017  
Jonathan CoultonYour Tattoo2017  
Karling & The KadaversCrazy Mable2017  
Kiki WillowsCheck's In The Mail2017  
Killy DwyerDryuary2017  
Kris KlarkGay MC2017  
Kyle CawthonOne In A Million2017  
Lauren MayerFacts Have a Well-Known Liberal Bias2017  
Lauren MayerIf Men Could Get Pregnant2017  
Lauren MayerJust Another Middle-Aged Jewish Mother With A Crush On Steph Curry2017  
Lauren MayerWe Are (Mostly) All Immigrants, You Shmucks201799¢
Lemon Demon123456 Pokemon (live)2017  
Lemon DemonOne Weird Tip2017  
Library Bards, TheGeeky Girl2017  
Library Bards, TheNow You Have The Bridge, Spock2017  
Library Bards, TheRegeneration2017  
Loud House, TheYou Got Tricked2017  
Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz CatsMy Mommy Is A Mummy2017  
Luke Ski feat. Devo Spice & Insane Ian, the greatSpam (Let The Pork Be Pork) (Live at FuMPFeST 2016)201799¢
Luke Ski, the greatCrance, The2017  
Luke Ski, the greatSecond Week of Deer Camp (Live at MarsCon 2016)201799¢
LunchMoney LewisDonald2017  
Mac SabbathPair-a-buns [single]2017  
Matt GriffoPlease Die (Healthcare Bill Song)2017  
Matt GriffoPrivilege2017  
Max DeGrootE.S.P.N.2017$1.00
Mayor WertzDad Life201799¢
MegathrusterNever Too Early2017  
MegathrusterWands At The Ready2017  
Mikey MasonGreat Pumpkin2017  
Mikey MasonMonkey201799¢
Mikey MasonSunday After The Saturday Immediately Following The Actual Calendar Date of Saint Patrick's Day (Drunken Singalong Version), The201799¢
Nuclear Bubble WrapA Rowling in Time201799¢
Nuclear Bubble WrapKids These Days2017  
Nuclear Bubble WrapPansexual Pantheist2017  
Nuclear Bubble WrapVagina Regulator201799¢
Nuclear Bubble WrapWhat Deaner Was Talking About2017  
Nuclear Bubble WrapWW3 + HDTV+ AC/DC CD2017  
Ookla the MokDoctor Octopus (Live)2017  
Ookla the MokMr. Potato Head (Live)2017  
Palette-Swap NinjaPrincess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans2017  
Peter WildmanBoot To The Head (Live at FuMpFest 2017)2017  
Phil Johnson and Roadside AttractionI Wanna Rock (Socially Responsibly)201799¢
Pink GuyPink Season2017  
Pony Death RideLet Me Tell You 'Bout My Bike2017  
Power SaladGas Station Disc Jockey2017  
Power SaladLarry McBrim201799¢
Power Salad feat. Chuck RickardSmells Like Herb Alpert201799¢
Power Salad feat. TV's Kyle & the great Luke SkiPerfect Parodist, The201799¢
Project SisyphusEvery Song Sounds Just Like This2017  
Randy NewmanPutin2017  
Roy ZimmermanOld Man Fibber2017  
Roy ZimmermanShady Bunch, The2017  
Scooter PicnicIt's Frog Noticing Time2017  
Scooter Picnic feat. Lindsay SmithThis Groove (Is Too Dope For Us)2017  
Shades McCoolSan Diegan National Anthem, The2017  
Smashy ClawBloviating in the Wind201799¢
Smashy ClawCowhog2017  
Smashy ClawDemons in the Undertow2017  
Smashy ClawRegarding Your Demise201799¢
Smashy ClawUSF'nA201799¢
Steve GoodieBeaten On A Jet Plane2017  
Steve GoodieDonnie Donnie (Inmate 675-309)2017  
Steve GoodieDumb Americans201799¢
Steve GoodieEntertainer, The2017  
Steve GoodieGrandpa Got Run Over By A Hybrid2017  
Steve GoodieIt's Daylight Savings Time!201799¢
Steve GoodieKaepernick Rag, The2017  
Steve GoodieNobody Loves The Roach2017  
Steve GoodieSponge Bath No Pants2017  
Steve GoodieTrump Idiocy Song, The2017  
Steve GoodieTwit in Twitter, The201799¢
Steve GoodieWe Don't Care2017  
Steve GoodieWords That Sound Dirty, But They Ain't2017  
Stuckey & Murray2 Drinks2017  
Timm McCoyTardis Full Of Bras2017  
Tom SmithAlternative Facts2017  
Tom SmithMr. Morden2017  
Truth In AdvertisingDMV2017  
TV's KyleConsider My Goat2017  
TV's KylePlastic Beach2017  
Tyrone Kahn99 Dead Baboons (Acapella) F/ Tim Cavanagh2017  
Various ArtistsCaptain Underpants: The First Epic Movie [Soundtrack]2017  
Wacky BenThis Internet Famous But Fairly Epic Grand Theft Audio Is A Greatest Hit For Insane Ian2017  
Young JeffreyDad To The Bone2017  
Young JeffreyFour Leaf Clover2017  
ZDoggMDDoc Vader Believes He Can Fly2017  

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