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Hilary Duff Beer f/ The McKenton Brothers 
By: David Tanny
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Duration: 2:29 
Release Date: 7/31/2007  (davidtanny) 
Lyrics By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Music By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Produced By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Released By: (davidtanny) 
Published By:
Licensing: CC (davidtanny) 
  • 05. "Hilary Duff Beer" (released on 7/31/2007) - the sketch with two men from The Great Big North who talk about a celebrity named beer on their program. It serves as a tribute to Bob and Doug McKenzie and their show within a show on SCTV called "The Great White North", a cult favorite. This sketch does a salute to Bob and Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas") from the "SCTV Network 90" days of 1981-83 on NBC. (davidtanny)
  • Song Lyrics:
    "Hilary Duff Beer"
    David Tanny
    Stupid Audio 4.0

    Rob's voice is more smooth.
    Dig's voice is more gruff.

    background: two voices chanting Lindsay Lohan over and over again.

    Rob: Is he gone now?

    Dig: Yes.

    Rob and Dig stop chanting Lindsay Lohan, catching their breath.

    Rob: Alright. We finally got rid of him.

    Dig: That guy was getting on my nerves, Rob.

    Rob: No doubt about it. OK. Go, hoser. Go!

    Dig: sing variation of the Great White North theme.

    Rob: Good Day, welcome to the Great Big North.
    I'm Rob MacKenton and this is my brother Dig.

    Dig: Howz it goin' eh?

    Rob: Ok so good day, welcome to our super special subject for this week.

    Dig: What's so special about it, hosehead?

    Rob: It's so special because this week's topic is beer.

    Dig: I like that subject, Rob. Like, it's a big part of my culture.

    Rob: But this week, hoser, it's not just any beer, Dig.

    Dig: Are you hosin' me, Rob?

    Rob: No, man, it's our new favorite beer,

    Dig: Take off!

    Rob: No, you take off!

    Dig: Tell me what's so special about this beer?

    Rob: This beer is just out today. It's fresh and smooth.

    Dig: Freshly brewed beer?

    Rob: Exactly. It's the new Hilary Duff Beer.

    Dig: Stop lyring, eh?

    Rob: This is true, hoser.

    Dig: Oh yea?

    Rob: Yea, hosehead.

    Dig: What's so special about this beer?

    Rob: Hillary Duff Beer is named after our favorite actress, Hilary Duff.

    Dig: Our favorite actress?

    Rob: Exactly.

    Dig: Take off, hosehead.

    Rob: No, it's true. Hillary Duff is the best actress in the world.

    Dig: I like Amanda Bynes better, Rob.

    Rob: But Amanda isn't cool.

    Dig: What about Lindsay Lohan.

    Rob: She has too many problems.

    Dig: Take off. She's cuter.

    Rob: Doesn't matter, hoser. Cute has nothing to do with it.

    Dig: Hilary can't sing and she makes bombs in the movies.

    Rob: OK. You got me. At least she's cuter than Amanda and Lindsay.

    Dig: Then why a beer named after her, hosehead?

    Rob: Because she's full of body and flavor.

    Dig: Wait until Lindsay and Amanda get their own beers.

    Rob: Take off.

    Dig: I'll get them their own beers and they can take down Hilary for beer dominance.

    Rob: That's ridiculous, hoser.

    Dig: They'll succeed, and sell millions of cans.

    Rob: I'll see to it that Hillary has the best looking cans to get more people
    to buy them.

    Dig: Lindsay and Amanda will have shinier cans.

    Rob: Now you're being ridiculous, hoser.

    Dig: Take off, hosehead.

    Rob: OK. Now we're out of time.

    Dig: We'll see who wins.

    Rob: OK. Now that's it for the topic of the week. Good Day.

    Dig: Good Day.

    Rob: You really think Amanda is cuter than Hillary?

    Dig: Anne Hathaway is far cuter, but not marketable.

    Rob: I guess you're right, hoser.

    Dig: Just wait until Jamie Lynn Spears turns 18, then we'll both be in trouble.

    Rob: Take off.

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