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Duration: 3:54 
Release Date: 6/26/2010  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Music By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
  • "Goin' Back to L.A. (2010 mix)" (released on 6/5/2010) - celebrates the old days of driving 120 miles to Los Angeles to hear the Dr. Demento Show because the fan's hometown wouldn't carry the show on their radio stations in the fan's radio market. The driving trek takes place on a Sunday in 1981 when the Doc used to do a live four-hour show on a now-defunct radio station.

    Long Description: This is something that I used to do way back in the early 1980s some weeks when I was 21, had a beaten-up 1970 Torino, gas was just $1.19 a gallon, minumum wage was $3.35 an hour, and no station in San Diego carried the Dr. Demento Show. Back in 1981, thanks to Dr. Demento going on Tomorrow with Tom Snyder and plugging his four-hour live show on the late KMET 94.7, I got some way to get demented for four hours a week from 6pm-10pm. Problem. I live in San Diego where there's a strong station on 94.9, interfering with my reception of 94.7 in Los Angeles. So I had to either put up with a crappy radio receiving interference, or drive up to El Toro or somewhere and hang out at a burger stand in the area where I could receive 94.7 clearly. I used to bring some tape cassettes and a tape deck to tape the shows, dub some of my favorites onto another tape, then erase over the tapes I used to tape the show every week. This comedy rap song I produced is a salute to all the people who used to drive to a nearby city to listen to Dr. Demento in whatever city he may be on. Remember that back in 1981, this was well over 15 years before Internet radio made traveling to another city obsolete. One more note: after Dr. Demento's live show ended at 10pm, KOLA 99.9 carried the syndicated version of the Dr. Demento Show from 10pm-MID. I never cared that much for KOLA because most of the time if not all of it was basically voicetracked, never hearing any live deejays during the day or night.

    Where the humor in the recording comes from: The humor itself comes from the Dr. Demento show, which is mentioned but no excerpts of the actual show are sampled. There is a reference to an old new wave song by Bow Wow Wow with the line "C30, C60, C90". All in all, it's basically a plain novelty rap with an homage to a famous rap star L.L. Cool J ("Goin' Back to Cali"), where we parody his line "Hmm, I don't think so," with, "Hmm, I guess so." Think of this as something designed to bring up memories of fans driving some long distances just to hear a radio show their local station wouldn't carry. Nowadays, you can hear Dr. Demento without driving to a distant station, because, he now has a website where for just two bucks, about what 1 1/2 gallons of gas once cost in 1981, you could stream many of his hundreds of episodes you missed hearing the first time around. (davidtanny)

  • Song Lyrics:
    Goin' Back to LA, LA, LA
    Goin' Back to LA.
    Hmm. I guess so.

    Goin' Back to LA, LA, LA
    Goin' Back to LA.
    Hmm. I guess so.

    Goin' back to LA, for a little fun.
    This is what we did in 1981.

    We take a little drive and bring our radio,
    There is no life in San Diego

    We drive for two hours, up the I-5.
    Six O'clock is when we arrive.

    We will hang out by a burger stand
    And eat a lot of food, as much as we can.

    We turn the dial to a little bit of heaven
    K-M-E-T, ninety, four, point, seven.

    It's about time for the four-hour show.
    It's the one and only Dr. Demento.

    He plays wacky vinyl, warped cassettes,
    even cylinders, as good as it gets.

    Our tape cassettes are ready for the show.
    C30, C60, C90, go.

    Our tape recorders have fresh batteries.
    So that our work will be a breeze.

    Just before we hear, "The Doctor Is In",
    We then push, the record button.

    We will tape, every funny song,
    We'll be having fun, all night long.

    We'll listen to, Cheech and Chong,
    Stan Freberg, Barnes and Barnes,

    Shel Silverstein, Dickie Goodman
    Frank Zappa, Allan Sherman,

    Weird Al Yankovic, George Carlin
    Tom Lehrer and, the list goes on and on.

    We do this every single week,
    This is what we like. Music for a geek.

    When it's 9 o'clock, it's Top Ten time.
    The songs are so good, it must be a crime.

    What song will be, number one?
    After it gets played, then we are done.

    At 10 o'clock, it's time for us to go.
    And drive on back to San Diego.

    We listen to the tapes while we drive back.
    When we get home, we'll hit the sack.

    Then next Sunday, we'll do it all again.
    And listen to the doc from six til ten.

    We'll play the funny tapes, all week long.
    With dementia, we can't go wrong.

    It's a little bit of heaven, ninety four point seven.
    K-M-E-T. Tweedle dee.
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