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No Place to Park (2010 mix) 
By: David Tanny
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Duration: 0:17 
Release Date: 6/5/2010 
Lyrics By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Music By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Produced By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Released By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
  • Brief Intro (release date, etc.) 05. "No Place to Park (2010 mix)" (released on 6/5/2010) - no place to park? That's a major problem. It's a comedy rap commentary on overcrowded parking lots and the businesses who don't get the rapper's business simply because there's no place to park his car. The businesses underestimated the number of parking spaces to include in their property.

    Background about the song: Long Description: There are some businesses that just get too popular for the parking lot to hold. Some successful businesses, such as restaurants, attract a lot of hungry people around lunch time for example. Many of the stores in the shopping malls are just not going to break any sales records because the mall's parking lot is too small and is full during holiday shopping. Either add more parking spaces or knock down some of the buildings to accommodate more parking. Fortunately, you can just do all of your holiday shopping online and forget about crowded parking lots. You can't buy a hot meal online, so you'll have to settle for another restaurant with spare parking spaces for lunch. Colleges are also a worst offender by having only 1/4 of the parking spaces needed for all of the students; with some students settling for parking in residential zones, which burns the residents. If you can't find a parking spot, there's too many buildings.

    Where the humor in the recording comes from: A hapless soul tries to do business with several brick and mortar stores, but runs out of luck every time when he encounters the full parking lot of the business he wants to be. (davidtanny)

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