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Topic: MMS #223 - Xmas IV: Satan Claus is Coming to Kill Us Town (2017)

Started by: Stavro Arrgolus

Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  01-12-19 09:50 AM  -  5 months ago

This is a placeholder thread about the final missing Mad Music Show, namely the final (4th) Xmas show for 2017. In 2018, 2 of the 3 shows that had been missing from the main show list were completed or remade. This is the one that wasn't possible to make given the time I had.

I ran out of time to make it in 2017 and couldn't make it in 2018 since it was a 'final' Xmas show and my final yearly Xmas shows are always about the end of Xmas/New year oriented songs. Show 223's script was full of that (among other things).

The problem: making a year's 4th holiday show means constantly checking the other 3 playlists to ensure no songs are copied and then constantly checking to ensure no songs made later than 2017 get played. A nightmarish prospect.

The solution: Make the show in a different style in a different format with a different host. In this case, (Just to be clear, I'm typing this out to remind myself to do it this way when there's time enough to.) Celestra Arrgula will host this episode and insist it not be like the other 2017 Xmas shows - or anything else. By purposely playing holiday music with questionable 'dementia' status and generally going well out of the way to play previously unplayed tracks, no songs will be copied. Easy.

Celestra, being an unconventional "show character", will insist on playing unconventional songs. Unconventional for The Mad Music Show, anyway. Problem solved.

Note: To reiterate, this post is a reminder to me (I'll forget otherwise) to make MMS-223 in this manner when the opportunity arises. And that won't happen for a very long time.

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