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Disc: 1 1 KXYZ Channel 1 ID 2 Ive Seen Everything 2 Ive Seen Everything 3 Papa Yawns Pizza
  4 DFSX I.D. Man Throwing Up To Britney Spears - Track Deleted 5 Centipede 6 Puff Super Cigar Crisp
  7 DFSX I.D. - Monty Pythons Loony - Track Deleted 8 Rap With Howard: Television Maurice - David Tanny as Mike Hayward 9 Radio Detonator 3000
  10 DFSX I.D. - Feb 2005 Susan Lucci - Track Deleted 11 All My Demented Children - David Tanny and featuring Vincent Irizarry, Susan Lucci, John Callahan, Michael Nader, Cameron Mathison, Jeff Branson, and Bobbi 12 News Bulletin SA3 12 News Bulletin SA3 12 News Bulletin SA3 13 Watchin Space Ghost 14 Bam with sketch
  15 DFSX I.D. - Blow Up Linkin Park - Track Deleted 16 Watch The Frog II 17 Gold 17 Gold 18 What if Your Wife Was a Man 19 Kentucky Fried Fingers 19 Kentucky Fried Fingers 19 Kentucky Fried Fingers
  20 DFSX I.D. - Flush the Macarena - Track Deleted 21 Good Times 22 Mariah Carey's Greatest Screamin' Hits (the Dr. Demento show edit)
  23 DFSX I.D. - Ronald Reagan - Track Deleted 24 Alyssa Milano Intro 24 Alyssa Milano Intro 24 Alyssa Milano Intro 25 Alyssa Milano 25 Alyssa Milano 25 Alyssa Milano 26 Global Genital Bank
  27 DFSX I.D. - Shoot Starland Vocal Band - Track Deleted
  28 San Diego Radio Sucks Intro - Track Deleted
  29 San Diego Radio Sucks - Track Deleted
  30 San Diego Radio Sucks Outro - Track Deleted
  31 DFSX I.D. - Blow Up Defranco Family - Track Deleted 32 Good Times (full version) 33 Alyssa Milano A Capella Version 33 Alyssa Milano A Capella Version 33 Alyssa Milano A Capella Version

Stupid Audio 3.0

By: David Tanny


Download Album (MP3) - $5.00
This CD is sold as a download from this website only. It is no longer being produced in CD form. davidtanny 


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  • Released July 18, 2006 (davidtanny)
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