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Duration: 2:10 
Release Date: 1993  (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
Produced By: Brooks Arthur (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Released By: Warner Bros. (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
[Silverware clicking]
[M1:] "Can you pass the beets please?"
[F1:] "Here you go"
[M1:] "Thanks"
[Brad:] "Hey Mom, guess what?
I got invited to a party tonight!
And I'm gonna go if that's OK with you."
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Brad:] "Why not Mom?"
[F1:] "Yeah, why mom? He should go."
[Brad:] "It's gonna be fun. I'll get to meet new people..."
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[Brad:] "Oh mom..."
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[F1:] "Don't worry Brad."

[F2:] "Hey mom, I saw this great skirt at the mall today,
but it was $34, which isn't that high of a price,
but I was nervous to buy it.
What do you think?
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[F2:] "Really? I really like it..."
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[F2:] "Oh mom, who is?"
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[F2:] "Mom, you're so paranoid."
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"

[M3:] "Hey mom, I gotta get up pretty early tomorrow for Little League try-outs."
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[M3:] "Yeah, I have to be at the field at 9 o'clock..."
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[M3:] "Do you think you could drop me off there?..."
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[M3:] "How am I gonna get there?"
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[M3:] "I'll walk I guess."
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"

[Cindy:] "Mom, can you pass the salad dressing?"
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Cindy:] "Please?"
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Cindy:] "Come on, mom."
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Brad:] "I'll get it for you, Cindy."
[Cindy:] "Thanks Brad."
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[Cindy:] "Thanks for the tip, Ma."
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"

[Brad:] "Hey everyone, let's just go out for ice cream."
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Brad:] "Why are we eating inside?
It's a beautiful night.
We need to get out more."
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Cindy:] "Mother, Brad is right."
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Cindy:] "We should go out, it'll be fun."
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Cindy:] "Come on, let's go, I could go for some Maple Walnut."
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[M3:] "Yeah, we haven't gone out together in a long time."
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Cindy:] "You wanna come, Dave?"
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Dave:] "No, I'll hang out with mom."
[M1:] "You sure?"
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[Dave:] "Yeah, go without me."
[M3:] "All right, see you guys later."
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"

[Dave:] "How are you, mom? Great meal tonight. Sure is...
You sure know how to cook!
Boy, oh boy, you're quite a lady.
Say mom, uhm, can I go canoeing next weekend with my friend Barry?"
[Mom:] "NOOO!!"
[Dave:] "Please?"
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[Dave:] "Mom, you're overreacting!"
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[Dave:] "Why are you so overprotective!?"
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[Dave:] "Mom! I'm going to the ice cream place!
You're just so set in your ways it drives me crazy!"
[Bangs on the table, gets up]
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
[Screen door closes]
[Mom:] "They're all gonna laugh at him!"
(I B Emerson)
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Played on 3 shows:
05-10-12, #ISGD-12-1910-24-93, #93-43
05-10-09, #MMCZ-09-16
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