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Duration: 3:13 
Release Date: 2004  (sfjpk30) 
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  • Parody of "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains Of Wayne (czwrefsteven)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Mrs. Claus has got it going on
    Mrs. Claus has got it going on
    Mrs. Claus has got it going on
    Mrs. Claus has got it going on

    Santa's been looking over his naughty list (Naughty list)
    And when he gets to me you know he's gonna be pissed (He'll be pissed)
    'Cause after he heads out on his yearly trip (Yearly trip)
    I'll be sneaking off to the pole for a bit (Just for a bit)
    She'll be waiting for me out there in the northern snow
    And I can't wait to get her underneath the mistletoe

    Mrs. Claus has got it going on
    She's all I want and I've waited all year long
    Santa's gonna be busy climbing down chimneys
    And I'll be happy 'cause I'll be making it with Mrs. Claus
    Mrs. Claus has got it going on
    Mrs. Claus has got it going on

    Santa, do you remember when I fixed your sleigh? (Fixed your sleigh)
    Your wife came out in just her red and white lingerie (Lingerie)
    I could tell she liked me and it really showed (Really showed)
    Or that could have been cause it was 40 below (40 below)
    And the elves all know what's going on but they won't blab
    'Cause we got color pictures of them all dressed up in drag

    Mrs. Claus has got it going on
    She's all I want and I've waited all year long
    Santa can't you see, all your kids look just like me
    They got my genes because I've been giving it to Mrs. Claus

    (Mrs. Claus has got it going on)
    She's got it going on
    (She's all I want and I've waited all year long)
    Waited all year long
    (Santa's gonna be leaving coal under my tree)
    He's so mad because I've been doing...
    (Mrs. Claus, Ho ho, Ho ho)
    I've been screwing...
    (Mrs. Claus, Ho ho, Ho ho)
    Wait a minute
    (Mrs. Claus and me engaged in infidelity)
    I know it might be wrong, but I'm in love with Mrs. Claus
    (Sonic SBL)
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