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Reverend Billy C. Wirtz
Date Born/Group Began:
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:

 Songs 4th Wife Blues - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz')'s_Gotta_Do_(What_A_Woman's_Gotta_Do).mp3 A Man's Gotta Do (What A Woman's Gotta Do) - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') A Pinhead Will Survive
All Stressed Up (With No Place to Blow)
Beep Tone Blues Big Jess - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz')
Brenda - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Burnie The Toaster Butt for the Grace - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Conspiracy Boogie - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Daddy Was a Sensitive Man - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz')
Devil With A Blue Plate On
Don't Think So Much Erik The Red Sovine's_Lips_But_Mine.mp3 Everybody's Lips But Mine - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Farewell From Chromosome, NC
Folks Call Him Jim
Food Chain Of Fools Freeway To Stairbird Get Off My Lawn! Grandma Vs. The Crusher
Grandma's Behind The Wheel Honky Tonk Hermaphrodite I Hold Your Hand In Mine'm_Not_Too_Old_For_You.mp3 I'm Not Too Old For You - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz')
Inbred'Butt_for_the_Grace'.mp3 Intro to 'Butt for the Grace' - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz')'Daddy_Was_a_Sensitive_Man'.mp3 Intro to 'Daddy Was a Sensitive Man' - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz')'Freeway_to_Stairbird'.mp3 Intro to 'Freeway to Stairbird' - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz')'Mama_Was_a_Deadhead'.mp3 Intro to 'Mama Was a Deadhead' - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz')'Margarita_Hell'.mp3 Intro to 'Margarita Hell' - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz')'The_King_Gets_a_Day_Job'.mp3 Intro to 'The King Gets a Day Job' - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Intro-Devil With A Blue Plate On't_That_Awful!.mp3 Isn't That Awful! It's A Gas's_Discount_Frozen_Embryo_World.mp3 Junior's Discount Frozen Embryo World Just Can't Seem To Get the Blues Just Friends King Gets A Day Job, The Lesson, The Letter from a Lonely Mennonite Mama Was a Deadhead - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Margarita Hell - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz')
Memphis Mennonite Surf Party - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Nathan Lee - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Phone Call From Cletus'94.mp3 Rev It Up '94 - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Rev It Up, Parts 1 & 2 Reverend Says Farewell, The - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Reverend Takes the Stage, The - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Right Wing Roundup Roberta - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Sleeper Hold On Satan Song For Judy
Stairway To Heaven Stick Out Your Can Strange Butt Blues Teenie Weenie Meanie Tourist Trap - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Visitor, The - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Waffle House Fire What Did I Do? - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') What I Used To Do All Night - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') Woman On Page 63, The - (with 'Rev. Billy C. Wirtz') WWED (What Would Elvis Do?) Your Greens Give Me The Blues
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