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Album Details

Stupid Audio 2.0

By: David Tanny


Download Album (MP3) - $5.00
This CD is sold as a download from this website only. It is no longer being produced in CD form.

Highlights of the album:

2. Hollywood Squarin' (TV Mix, 2000) - a parody of the Kool and the Gang hit "Hollywood's Swingin'" as the tune is turned into a tribute to a game show complete with hilarious outtakes from the show featuring Charley Weaver, Paul Lynde, John Davidson, and others.

5. All Out of Pups (2004) - a partial blending of the Ogden Edsl song "Dead Puppies" with original parody lyrics into the melody of Air Supply's "All Out of Love".

6. Batman Interview (1989) - A tribute to the movie Batman scored by Prince. Answers from 1989 top 40 songs are used.

7. Krazy Crackers Commercial Parody (2004)

10. Boogie Intro - Using excerpt from John Hartford's "Boogie" leading into Dr. Demento and "Weird Al" Yankovic on KMET 94.7 (1985) discussing that Hartford could have produced a disco mix of that song.

11. Boogie (1998) - A disco mix demo of that song.

12. Tricks Practical Joker Cereal (2004)

18. Mambo 90210 (2000) - A parody of Lou Bega's "Mambo Number 5" giving an opinion on a long running TV show that has long since overstayed its welcome on Fox.

20. Pokemon (2000) - A parody of They Might Be Giants' hit "Particle Man".

22. I'm a Cowboy (2000) - An original song using clever rhymes for "Day" almost throughout the song.

24. Jeopardy (1998 mix) - a parody of the Beatles song "Yesterday" davidtanny 


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  • The sequel of David Tanny's not-so-groundbreaking-but-who-cares comedy and novelty album "Stupid Audio 1.0" has finally been released. It's another album you haven't been waiting for.

    You didn't wait for it, and now it's here! The sequel to one of the most overlooked demented and comedy CDs of the millenim! Stupid Audio 2.0 features more of some of the weird and crazy stuff I created including sweepers for

    Tanny, who's celebrating ten years on the WWW on his informative comedy music news website, is a seasoned Internet journalist, critic, novelty music fanatic, radio station programmer on, and comedy and novelty recording artist, informing well over 10,000,000 visitors to various incarnations of his websites in that time span.

    The latest CD, "Stupid Audio 2.0", promises to be another overlooked novelty comedy CD.

    "It's so unique, not even Dr. Demento wants to play the CD," says Tanny. "A lot of songs on my CDs are ideas that haven't been retreads of other subjects that had multiple novelty songs, so these for the most part ar the first for such topics. This CD continues my look on television from the past, as well as a few new ideas based on old ideas and some remastering of a few older songs dating back to 1998."

    Stupid Audio 2.0 features several more stuff including sweepers for attacking boring songs between sets, more parodies of popular songs, and other interesting stuff.

    Enjoy the CD. More to follow. (davidtanny)

  • This CD was released on Sep 13, 2005. (davidtanny)
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