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The Dementia Radio Podcast will have new shows up every Monday. The creator, Blasted Bill, plans to have different hosts for the show every week. He's always tried to have Dementia Radio be more of a community then a single source of idea’s pumping out to the masses. He wants the podcast to be the same, so every one has a chance to host it and add their own flair! Bill has been meaning to start up a Dementia Radio Podcast since about 2006. For one reason or another, he kept getting delayed. The 1st launch date was originally suppose to be the 1st Monday after Manic Monday’s ended (with Devo Spice’s blessing). But that deadline came and went due to some other issues. But now thanks to the help of several people, including but not limited to Chris Mezzolesta (theme and other background tracks), Alchav of Soggy Potato Chips (News theme), technical consultants Sara Trice, Grant of Throwing Toasters, and of course Blaksmith, the podcast is up and running smoothly. Click Here to subscribe to the podcast

You can also listen to them online - see below!

About Podcasts
If you're new to podcasting it's very simple. The client program will automatically download the shows you subscribe to. iPodder is one such program which is designed to work with iTunes and the iPod, but in reality all you're doing is downloading an MP3, so it will work with any player, and you can also just play the file on your computer.


  = Audio available for online listening!

DateShow #Show Title
03/08/10DRP_ep014Dementia Radio Podcast EP014 - March 8, 2010
Topic: Bunnies
03/01/10DRP_ep013Dementia Radio Podcast EP012 - March 1, 2010
Topic: Conventions
02/22/10DRP_ep012Dementia Radio Podcast EP012 - February 22, 2010
Topic: Tech Support
02/15/10DRP_ep011Dementia Radio Podcast EP011 - February 15, 2010
Topic: Buses and Road Travel
02/08/10DRP_ep010Dementia Radio Podcast EP010 - February 8, 2010
Topic: Video Games
01/25/10DRP_ep009Dementia Radio Podcast EP009 - January 25, 2010
Topic: Dementia From The British Isles
01/18/10DRP_ep008Dementia Radio Podcast EP008 - January 18, 2010
Topic: Women in Dementia
01/11/10DRP_ep007Dementia Radio Podcast EP007 - January 11, 2010
Topic: Cold and Flu
01/05/10DRP_ep006Dementia Radio Podcast EP006 - January 5, 2010
Topic: Days
12/28/09DRP_ep005Dementia Radio Podcast EP005 - December 28, 2009
Topic: Songs with Letters in the Title
12/21/09DRP_ep004Dementia Radio Podcast EP004 - December 21, 2009
Topic: End of the year top 4
12/14/09DRP_ep003Dementia Radio Podcast EP003 - December 14, 2009
Topic: Christmas
12/07/09DRP_ep002Dementia Radio Podcast EP002 - December 7, 2009
Topic: Quadriplegic
11/30/09DRP_ep001Dementia Radio Podcast EP001 - November 30, 2009
Topic: Polka

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