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New Recordings in 2021

This page highlights new songs, recordings and albums released in 2021. It also provides an easy way to add them to your collection!

Recordings released in 2021, and not previously released, qualify for requests/voting for the year-end "Best of 2021 Mad Music Show!"

If you know of a Mad Album or Silly Song released in 2021 what is not listed here please e-mail me and I'll add it!

 = Album,  = Song/Track

Artist(s)TypeTitleReleasedMusic StorePrice
"Wierd Ali" RuckavichBread Like a Bowl2021  
"Wierd Ali" RuckavichFood!2021  
A Capella ScienceSoon May The Vaccine Come (Covid Wellerman)2021  
AJR3 O' Clock Things2021  
AJRHumpty Dumpty2021  
AJRWorld's Smallest Violin2021  
Amanda CohenBattle Of The Capitol, The2021  
AngelasticDear Internet2021  
Art Paul SchlosserA Silly Song 2021  
Art Paul SchlosseraRE yOU mY uBER (Live) 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserCellphone2021  
Art Paul SchlosserDon't Stand So Close To Me 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserHer Name Was Elephant 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserI'm a Cowboy and a Pirate 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserIn A Fish Eye 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserMidnight at the Church 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserNow That You Graduated 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserPaint It Black 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserPet Your Dog2021  
Art Paul SchlosserPower Washing In The Rain 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserSanta Claus Ran Out of Coal So He Gave You This CD (Some of Art Paul's Best Terrible Xmas Songs)2021  
Art Paul SchlosserSerenade You 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserSing a Song Art Paul Style 2021  
Art Paul SchlosserSixty Seven Songs in Less Than Sixty Seven Minutes2021  
Art Paul SchlosserStar Spangled Banner Done Differently , The2021  
Art Paul Schlosser and FriendsI Wrote The Lyrics2021  
Bad Beth and BeyondFlat In The Outback2021  
Belle Isle Rats, TheBob Crane Polka2021  
Belle Isle Rats, TheI Grew a Second Head2021  
Belle Isle Rats, TheLivin' With Your Mom2021  
Bill Spectacle & The Mezzolettes(Let's Dance) The Screw Part 12021  
Bitfinity (Matthew Taranto)WAAfrica2021  
Boobles feat. Bonnie Gordon & Bad Beth, TheMy Eyes Are Right Up Here2021  
Boobles feat. Chris Mezzolesta, TheBuying Brassieres Together2021  
Brian WoodburyJury Duty2021  
Buddy BrownOffended Song, The2021  
Captain AmbivalentShe Takes Bad Selfies2021  
Cardi Beerdehosen (Andy Rehfeldt)W.A.P. Polka2021  
Carla UlbrichIf Mucus Were Money (I'd Be A Millionaire)2021  
Carla UlbrichStuck Here In Dubuque (U.S. Mail Song)2021  
Carla UlbrichWhere Have All The Waiters Gone?2021  
CatteraHunger Of The Beast2021  
Chris WolvieLove Was Not In The Cards2021  
Christopher BayHey, Dr. Demento!2021  
Dave StagnerI Wanna Vaccination2021  
Devo SpiceDryer Portal2021  
Devo SpiceStonks Only Go Up2021  
Devo Spice feat. the great Luke SkiBack That Thang Up2021  
Ethan MawyerBreaking Chairs Of Grizzlies2021  
Ethan MawyerCartoon Skunk2021  
Freshy Kanal feat. The Stupendium & ShwabadiLoki vs. Count Olaf2021  
From BackwardsJust One More Thing2021  
Gomer HendrixI Wanna Be Vaccinated2021  
Gothsicles feat. Everything Goes Cold, TheAgony of a Year Without End (Billionaire Proctologist Mothman with Ebola), The2021  
Gothsicles, TheAxolotl Super Powers (MC Lars extended mix)2021  
Gothsicles, TheRock The Quokka2021  
Green JellyPunk Rock Pope2021  
Herb Grant & Jeff RobertsLaughing Salesman, The2021  
Il NeigeLook At This Pokesnap2021  
Insane IanDelivery Boy2021  
Insane IanI Bet I Can Eat More Waffles Than You2021  
Insane IanKANG!2021  
Insane IanPictures Of You2021  
Insane IanVaccine Day (Go Get Vaccinated)2021  
Jeff KornbergMy Kids2021  
Jeff WhitmireHalloween Road2021  
Jeff WhitmireMAGA Maggie2021  
Jess RobinsonAre You Ready?2021  
Joe J. ThomasBig Jim McBob2021  
Joe J. ThomasHave You Killed Me?2021  
Joe J. ThomasLike Ship, The2021  
Joe J. ThomasPink Lady (Eat A Lady)2021  
KeyesMe Want Bite2021  
Kiffness, TheAlugalug Cat2021  
Knuckleheadz feat. Stimulator Jones(When I Grow Up) I Wanna Be a Teen Titan2021  
Larry TritelOne Wacky Song2021  
Larry TritelWet Fart2021  
Lauren MayerBallad of the Unemployed Fact-Checker, The2021  
Lauren MayerWrong Side Of History, The2021  
LewbergerLock My Car (2.0)2021  
Linda Lindas, TheRacist Sexist Boy2021  
LunchMoney LewisMoney Dance2021  
Mayor WertzStaycation2021  
Mikey MasonCake2021  
Mikey MasonSelf Care (One Fuck Left)2021  
Mikey MasonSleepy Little Creepy Little Town2021  
Moneyshot CosmonautsRomeo Responds To Taylor Swift (Love Story Version)2021  
New Middle ClassQuark2021  
Oldest Forest, TheHollywood Is Filled With People Who Look Like Other People2021  
Oldest Forest, TheI Learned Everything I Know About The Ocean From A Talking Seal2021  
Phil Johnson & Roadside AttractionHallelujah?2021  
Post MaloneOnly Wanna Be With You2021  
Power SaladRed Beans and Rice (MarsCon Video Mix)2021  
Power SaladWhy I Like Simon's Barbecued Kettle Chips2021  
Rand BellaviaTips Sampler 12021  
Rand BellaviaTips Sampler 22021  
Randy RainbowMr. Biden (Bring My Vaccine)2021  
Richard CheeseVaccine Daddy2021  
Robbie EllisBreathe (Mid-November 2020)2021  
Robbie EllisMy Girl's WAP2021  
Ross ChildsAir Fryer Blues2021  
Ross ChildsSea Of Whiskey2021  
Rucka Rucka AliI Watch Anime2021  
Smooth-EGimme My Stimmy2021  
Steve GoodieHang It Up You're Through2021  
Steve GoodieI Want It Back2021  
Steve GoodieLove Matt2021  
Steve GoodieQ-Anon Girl2021  
Steve GoodieRowling Get Off Twitter2021  
Steve GoodieTed Cruz2021  
Steve GoodieThree Dog Night One Term Loser Maga Moron Medley (aka The Nitwit Whisperer), The2021  
Steve GoodieTwo Chickens2021  
Steve Goodie feat. Brad TassellA Witch in My Town2021  
Suzuko MimoriSugarless Kiss2021  
Theater of MalumPaint It Black (cover)2021  
Tom MacDonaldBrainwashed2021  
Tom MacDonaldFake Woke2021  
Tom MacDonaldSnowflakes2021  
Tom SmithKong Monkey2021  
Tom SmithWell, That Went Viral Quickly2021  
TV's KyleArrow Guy2021  
TV's KyleParty (Do It Right Now)2021  
TV's Kyle feat. DarkNESBob From Accounting (Fi Widelity version)2021  
TV's Kyle feat. Insane Ian & the great Luke SkiA Cat Named Flo2021  
Various ArtistThe ArtcaPaula Project2021  
Weezer feat. AJRAll My Favorite Songs2021  
Young JeffreyPandemories2021  

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