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A non-stop stream of hilarious dementia music, with hosts Goose and Goblin. Join us each week for an hour of funny tunes on a specific subject. What is the medley? Well I'll tell you my young padawan! It's the BR tradition! Every show we will have a number of songs with the same topic. Depending on how much we can find, some shows will have a full hour medley. and some will have set lists with medleys in the middle. If you're a comedy artist and want your music played on the show email your songs to See you next week, yo!

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DateShow #Show Title
12/21/09BR-09-98Bofore Radio, Episode 98
Topic: Christmas (Part III)
12/12/09BR-09-97Bofore Radio, Episode 97
Topic: Christmas (Part II)
12/04/09BR-09-96Bofore Radio, Episode 96
Topic: Christmas (Part I)
11/26/09BR-09-95Bofore Radio, Episode 95
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part VIII: MC Lars
11/26/09BR-09-94Bofore Radio, Episode 94
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part VII: The Fabrications
11/21/09BR-09-93Bofore Radio, Episode 93
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part VI: Hot Waffles
11/21/09BR-09-92Bofore Radio, Episode 92
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part V: Raymond and Scum
11/13/09BR-09-91Bofore Radio, Episode 91
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part IV: Worm Quartet
11/12/09BR-09-90Bofore Radio, Episode 90
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part III: Project Sisyphus
11/06/09BR-09-89Bofore Radio, Episode 89
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part II: Steve Goodie
11/06/09BR-09-88Bofore Radio, Episode 88
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part I: Nice Peter
10/29/09BR-09-87Bofore Radio, Episode 87
Topic: Halloween (Part II)
10/22/09BR-09-86Bofore Radio, Episode 86
Topic: Halloween (Part I)
10/09/09BR-09-84Bofore Radio, Episode 84
Topic: Best of the Goblet
10/09/09BR-09-85Bofore Radio, Episode 85
Topic: Covers
09/25/09BR-09-83Bofore Radio, Episode 83
Topic: Interview with Nuclear Bubble Wrap
09/18/09BR-09-82Bofore Radio, Episode 82
Topic: Food (Part II)
09/11/09BR-09-81Bofore Radio, Episode 81
Topic: Food (Part I)
08/28/09BR-09-79Bofore Radio, Episode 79
Topic: Green Day Parodies
08/21/09BR-09-78Bofore Radio, Episode 78
Topic: Billy Joel Parodies
08/15/09BR-09-77Bofore Radio, Episode 77
Topic: Beatles Parodies
08/08/09BR-09-75Bofore Radio, Episode 75
Topic: Over Parodied (Part I)
08/08/09BR-09-76Bofore Radio, Episode 76
Topic: Over Parodied (Part II)
07/31/09BR-09-74Bofore Radio, Episode 74
Topic: Numbers
07/17/09BR-09-73 Bofore Radio, Episode 73
Topic: Short Songs
07/03/09BR-09-72Bofore Radio, Episode 72
Topic: Goblin's Choice
06/26/09BR-09-71Bofore Radio, Episode 71
Topic: Goose's Choice
06/19/09BR-09-70Bofore Radio, Episode 70
Topic: Demented Side of the Moon
06/12/09BR-09-69Bofore Radio, Episode 69
Topic: Monkey Madness!
04/10/09BR-09-68Bofore Radio, Episode 68
Topic: Insane Ian Plays Whatever the Hell He Wants To
04/02/09BR-09-67Bofore Radio, Episode 67
Topic: TV's Kyle Does Whatever He Wants
03/27/09BR-09-66Bofore Radio, Episode 66
Topic: Throwing Toasters
03/20/09BR-09-65Bofore Radio, Episode 65
Topic: Interview with TV's Kyle
03/13/09BR-09-64Bofore Radio, Episode 64
Topic: Interview with Dino-Mike
03/06/09BR-09-63Bofore Radio, Episode 63
Topic: Interview with Insane Ian
02/27/09BR-09-62Bofore Radio, Episode 62
Topic: Wizard Rock
02/20/09BR-09-61Bofore Radio, Episode 61
Topic: Nerdy Music
02/13/09BR-09-60Bofore Radio, Episode 60
Topic: Movies
02/06/09BR-09-59Bofore Radio, Episode 59
Topic: Television
01/30/09BR-09-58Bofore Radio, Episode 58
Topic: Technobable
01/23/09BR-09-57Bofore Radio, Episode 57
Topic: Demented Internet
01/16/09BR-09-56Bofore Radio, Episode 56
Topic: A Year of Bofore (Part II)
01/09/09BR-09-55Bofore Radio, Episode 55
Topic: A Year of Bofore (Part I)
12/12/08BR-08-54Bofore Radio, Episode 54
Topic: Christmas (Part II)
12/06/08BR-08-53Bofore Radio, Episode 53
Topic: Christmas (Part I)
12/06/08BR-08-53Bofore Radio, Episode 53
Topic: Christmas (Part I)
11/27/08BR-08-51Bofore Radio, Episode 51
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part VII: Insane Ian
11/27/08BR-08-52Bofore Radio, Episode 52
Topic: A Bofore Thanksigivng, Part VIII: Dino-Mike (Part II)
11/22/08BR-08-50Bofore Radio, Episode 50
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part VI: Bob Ricci
11/21/08BR-08-49Bofore Radio, Episode 49
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part V: Possible Oscar
11/14/08BR-08-47Bofore Radio, Episode 47
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part III: the great Luke Ski
11/14/08BR-08-48Bofore Radio, Episode 48
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part IV: Spaff & Lund
11/07/08BR-08-45Bofore Radio, Episode 45
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part II: Nuclear Bubble Wrap
11/07/08BR-08-46Bofore Radio, Episode 46
Topic: A Bofore Thanksgiving, Part I: TV's Kyle
10/31/08BR-08-44Bofore Radio, Episode 44
Topic: Halloween!
10/19/08BR-08-43Bofore Radio, Episode 43
Topic: Weird Al Tributes
10/10/08BR-08-42Bofore Radio, Episode 42
Topic: Songs About Songs
10/04/08BR-08-39Bofore Radio, Episode 39
Topic: Merry and Pippin
10/04/08BR-08-40Bofore Radio, Episode 40
Topic: Video Game Music (Part I)
10/04/08BR-08-41Bofore Radio, Episode 41
Topic: Video Game Music (Part II)
09/26/08BR-08-38Bofore Radio, Episode 38
Topic: Politics
09/19/08BR-08-37Bofore Radio, Episode 37
Topic: Those Crazy Wookiees
09/13/08BR-08-36Bofore Radio, Episode 36
Topic: Superheroes
09/05/08BR-08-33Bofore Radio, Episode 33
Topic: Battle of the Parodies Results (Part I)
09/05/08BR-08-34Bofore Radio, Episode 34
Topic: Battle of the Parodies Results (Part II)
09/05/08BR-08-35Bofore Radio, Episode 35
Topic: Battle of the Parodies Results (Part III)
08/30/08BR-08-31Bofore Radio, Episode 31
Topic: Battle of the Parodies (Part VI)
08/30/08BR-08-32Bofore Radio, Episode 32
Topic: Battle of the Parodies (Part VII)
08/23/08BR-08-30Bofore Radio, Episode 30
Topic: Battle of the Parodies (Part V)
08/15/08BR-08-29Bofore Radio, Episode 29
Topic: Battle of the Parodies (Part IV)
08/07/08BR-08-28Bofore Radio, Episode 28
Topic: Battle of the Parodies (Part III)
08/01/08BR-08-27Bofore Radio, Episode 27
Topic: Battle of the Parodies (Part II)
07/24/08BR-08-26Bofore Radio, Episode 26
Topic: Battle of the Parodies (Part I)
07/18/08BR-08-25Bofore Radio, Episode 25
Topic: Demented Blues
07/12/08BR-08-24Bofore Radio, Episode 24
Topic: Nothing But Animals
07/04/08BR-08-23Bofore Radio, Episode 23
Topic: Celebrity Trauma
06/26/08BR-08-22Bofore Radio, Episode 22
Topic: Interview With Odd Austin
06/21/08BR-08-21Bofore Radio, Episode 21
Topic: You've Got More Beatles!
06/13/08BR-08-20Bofore Radio, Episode 20
Topic: Randomness
06/05/08BR-08-19Bofore Radio, Episode 19
Topic: Thing A Week
05/30/08BR-08-18Bofore Radio, Episode 18
Topic: Beer in the Morning
05/24/08BR-08-17Bofore Radio, Episode 17
Topic: Love (Part II)
05/18/08BR-08-16Bofore Radio, Episode 16
Topic: Love (Part I)
05/10/08BR-08-15Bofore Radio, Episode 15
Topic: Food (Part 2)
05/03/08BR-08-14Bofore Radio, Episode 14
Topic: Food (Part 1)
04/04/08BR-08-13Bofore Radio, Episode 13
Topic: Old People
03/28/08BR-08-12Bofore Radio, Episode 12
Topic: Paul and Storm
03/21/08BR-08-11Bofore Radio, Episode 11
Topic: Sudden Death
03/14/08BR-08-10Bofore Radio, Episode 10
Topic: Dino-Mike
03/08/08BR-08-09Bofore Radio, Episode 9
Topic: Politically Incorrect
02/29/08BR-08-08Bofore Radio, Episode 8
Topic: You've Got Beatles!
02/22/08BR-08-07Bofore Radio, Episode 7
Topic: Worm Quartet
02/16/08BR-08-06Bofore Radio, Episode 6
Topic: Emo Kids and Goth Girls
02/11/08BR-08-05Bofore Radio, Episode 5
Topic: Attack of the "1985" Parodies
02/02/08BR-08-04Bofore Radio, Episode 4
Topic: Eminem Parodies, Yo!
01/26/08BR-08-03Bofore Radio, Episode 3
Topic: Internet (Part II)
01/19/08BR-08-02Bofore Radio, Episode 2
Topic: Internet (Part I)
01/13/08BR-08-01Bofore Radio, Episode 1
Topic: C Is For Commercials

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