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Here at Mad Music we are working to provide the best in Comedy and Novelty programming. These features  have been selected to help promote the artists and songs we all love. If you know of an artist or organization that produces entertainment you love, feel free to contact us!

Current Shows:

A-Log on the Airwaves I Still Get Demented Kahn Man's Comedy Corner The Mad Music Podcast! The Mad Music Show! Manic Mondays Off the Record Dementia_101 Sunday Funnies with Wacky Ben

Archived Shows:

BADave Radio Ben's Wacky Radio Bofore Radio Dementia Radio Podcast Dementious Maximus Freakin' Funny Music I Got Game Luke & Carrie's Bad Rapport The Mad Music Comedy Zone The Mad Music Dementia Top 20 Revenge of the Particle Wackiness On The Rise

Other Features: Avatar Gallery New Recordings this Year!

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