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10th Anniversary Collection Volume 2: Parodies

By: David Tanny


Best of the Parodies is part of the 10th anniversary collection featuring remixes of the older comedy songs. 


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  • 01. "Pirate Radio" (2010 mix) - a tribute to all of the pirate radio broadcasters in America that are hitting corporate radio where it hurts, especially longtime local San Diego pirate Free Radio San Diego at 96.9 FM.

    02. "TV Love" (2010 mix) - a song dedicated to the catch phrases of most of the TV shows of the 1970s.

    03. "Old Time TV Shows" (2010 mix) - a parody of the Bob Seger classic, except with old time TV shows instead of rock and roll. We old geezers who knew when TV was better can relate to that.

    04. "Fump" (2010 mix) - a song about a Funny Music Project website.

    05. "Good Times" (2010 mix) - the Chic song "Good Times" had nothing to do with the hit TV show of the 1970s. This parody mentions this TV show, along with 25 other shows from the 1970s.

    06. "Centipede" (2010 mix) - a parody of the J. Geils Band hit "Centerfold" from 1981 with the lyrics changed into the subject of a major 80's arcade game.

    07. "Dead Kennys" (2010 mix w/o sound FX) - one of the first South Park songs to come out in 1998. It's a parody of Odgen Edsl's "Dead Puppies". A funny tribute to "South Park."

    08. "All Out of Pups" (2010 mix) - a partial blending of the Ogden Edsl song "Dead Puppies" with original parody lyrics into the melody of Air Supply's "All Out of Love". The opening riff of Air Supply's 1980 song "All Out of Love" may have been inspired by Ogden Edsl's dementia classic from 1978 "Dead Puppies." This song is about a hapless dog lover who can't keep a puppy he buys from a pet shop from dying a horrible death.

    09. "Pokemon" (2010 mix) - A parody of They Might Be Giants' hit "Particle Man".

    10. "I've Seen Everything" (2010 mix) - parody of "I've Been Everywhere" by Hank Snow and Johnny Cash. This is the second parody of that song. The first parody that I know of was performed by Rick Moranis with "I Ain't Going Nowhere" from the CD "Agoraphobic Cowboy" from 2005, also recommended.

    11. "I'm Doing Nothing For Christmas" (2010 mix) - it features a man who is so turned off by the holiday hype and commercialism that he decides to skip the holiday and do nothing for Christmas.

    12. "I'm Doing Nothing For Christmas" (2010 mix, just talking) - it's simply the talk bits plus some extra talk bits not included in the song above.

    13. "Starr Mopp Warrs" (2010 mix) - Ragg Mopp done with Star Wars characters.

    14. "What if Your Wife Was a Man" (2010 mix) - a parody of a Carla Ulbrich hit "What if Your Girlfriend Was Gone", which was parodied by her into "What If Your Butt Was Gone."

    15. "Kirk Spock Bones" (2010 mix) - a parody of the late Logan Whitehurst hit "Robot Cat", but it's turned into a Star Trek rap and doesn't use the melody of Logan's song.

    16. "TV Love" (2010 instrumental mix)


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