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10th Anniversary Collection Volume 4: Underground II

By: David Tanny


The Underground Series is part of the 10th anniversary collection featuring a special mix of comedy. 


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  • 01. KXYZ Channel 1 ID (1980) - Fake station I.D. from an old cassette recorder

    02. "Dead Kennys" w sound fx (2010 mix) - one of the first South Park songs to come out in 1998. It's a parody of Odgen Edsl's "Dead Puppies". A funny tribute to "South Park."

    03. Mac vs. PC Spoof: Reagan vs. Gorbachev (2009) - what if it was 1985 when these two once ruled their own countries and they did this conversation in the style of a Mac vs. PC commercial?

    04. KBest 95 Request (1985) - D.T. requests a song to "Shotgun" Tom Kelly during his Saturday night rockin' oldies music show.

    05. Radio Detonator 3000 (2005) - do you hate what corporate radio is playing? This device should send a message.

    06. Star 100.7 Request (2000) - D.T. requests a song to Anita Rush on a radio station.

    07. Mac vs. PC Spoof: Atari vs. Intellivision (2009) - this time, it's 1981, and the Mac vs. PC style invades the early video game console battle.

    08. Barney vs. The Terminator (1993)

    09. Answering Machine Message (1992) - Something I created for my answering machine.

    10. I Still Q (August 2001) - David Tanny phones in to the KCBQ 1170 Saturday night show "I Still Q" hosted by John Fox and Phil Flowers. Chris Carmichael was a guest on the show.

    11. Mentioning David Tanny (1989) - From Matlock TV Show. My name was mentioned as a character on the Matlock TV show from April 25, 1989.

    12. G.E. Sucks Letter (1991) - David Tanny gets a letter read by David Letterman on August 23, 1991.

    13. "Mac vs. PC Spoof: Coke vs. Pepsi" (edit) (2009) - it's the cola wars Mac vs. PC style!

    14. Unsolved Mysteries: Valerie Bertinelli (with music, 2008) - OK. Just how does she stay cute for decades?!? The world may never know.

    15. Full Frequency on KIIS (2000) - D.T. greets Christian B of KIIS-FM during his overnight dance mix show in Los Angeles.

    16. Backchat Letters by David Tanny (1994, 95, 97) - Jeff Probst. Tanny got about a dozen letters read on the old fX TV show "Backchat" including the first one that won him the six cent pencil.

    17. "Mac vs. PC vs. Stan" (clean) (2009) - a tribute to the genius advertising mind of Stan Freberg.

    18. Gold (2006) - popular songs sound funnier if you bleep out a word that you can say on the radio, and the bleep makes your brain think up something dirty in its place. Many songs being produced nowadays have that f-bomb as part of the lyrics, and radio-edits with the word edited out are sent to broadcasters so that they don't get into trouble with the FCC if someone without a life complains.

    19. Gold 2 (2007) - more of the greatest pop hits of all time with a non-expletetive strategically bleeped out for humor.

    20. Gold 3 (2010) - even more of the greatest pop hits of all time with a non-expletetive strategically bleeped out for humor.

    21. Green Eggs and Ham (1972) - D.T. at age 12 reads a Dr. Seuss book.


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