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10th Anniversary Collection Volume 11: Leftovers II-Parodies

By: David Tanny


Leftovers II is part of the 10th anniversary collection featuring early versions of David Tanny songs plus some recently recorded bonus tracks that didn't make it to his next regular album.  


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  • 1. "Bank of America" (2007) - is a parody of a song that we used to sing in Kindergarten in 1965. For some reason, I substituted Bank for the word Flag and the rest is history!

    2. "Watchin' Space Ghost" (2006) - a parody of Tegan and Sara's hit from 2005 "Walkin' With a Ghost".

    3. "Aquaman" take 1 (2009) - a parody of a 1997 pop song.

    4. "Demented Music" (2010 mix) - a parody of "American Music" made famous by The Violent Femmes. It's a dead-on lyrical parody and imitation of the original song that celebrates demented music.

    5. "Bars" (2008 mix) - a parody of Gary Numan's 1980 new wave hit "Cars". The song celebrates going to a bar to drink and have fun.

    6. "Dead Kennys" (2010 mix w sound fx and echo) - one of the first South Park songs to come out in 1998. It's a parody of Odgen Edsl's "Dead Puppies". A funny tribute to "South Park."

    7. "Hello, Mila (A Letter to Mila Kunis)" (2008) - a parody of a classical song done about a popular TV star of the 00s. It's a lyrical parody of Allan Sherman's 1963 classic "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp Granada)" and uses the public domain composition "Dance of the Hours" as the melody.

    8. "Mambo 90210" (2000) - A parody of Lou Bega's "Mambo Number 5" giving an opinion on a long running TV show that has long since overstayed its welcome on Fox.

    9. "Fried Eggs (original unaltered mix)" (2011) - we make fun of Rebecca Black's song "Friday" with an original.

    10. "Fried Eggs Speeded Up" (2011) - this is the same song compressed to run half the time.

    11. "The Equimas Song" (2011) - this is for a the March 21 holiday where we exchange presents and all of that Christmas jazz.

    12. "Frasier" (2011 mix) - I originally recorded this song in 2000, but lost the original. Fortunately, I decided to rerecord it using a MIDI I found on the net instead of one I composed.

    13. "Which Seat Should She Take?" (2011) - Rebecca Black's song "Friday" took on an issue no song ever did before: which seat should a person take?


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