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Artist Details

Andrew Dice Clay
Date Born/Group Began: 09/29/1957 (peterpuck9) 
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
born Andrew Clay Silverstein (peterpuck9)

Played on 2 shows:
04-10-21, #AOTA-21041006-11-89, #89-24
= Show you can listen to online
 Songs 1989-A Review 1990 3 Beautiful Dates A Day at the Beach A History Lesson A Vibrant Beautiful Woman A+ Action Apartment Life Attitude, The Automatic Pilot Backwards Bad Press Bait, The Bambi Banana Girl Banana Nose Big Head Big Tit/Pin Tit Birds Black Chicks Brooklyn Bad Boy'_to_a_Party).mp3 Car Ride (Goin' to a Party), The't_Funny_(Joey_Will).mp3 Chicks Aren't Funny (Joey Will) Christmas Presents Cigarettes Club 33 Club 33 (Reprise) Concave Couples in Love Date Night at the Movies Debbie Duz Everything Dice About Blacks Dice About The Penis Dice And Doctors Dice And His Fat Chick Dice and Truckdrivers Dice at the Drive Thru Dice Buys a Suit'T_Get_Along.mp3 Dice Can'T Get Along Dice Cannot Be Nice Dice Checks The Frontrow Dice Does Impressions (End) Dice Does It Like Dis Dice Does Rhymes And Poems'T_Smell_It.mp3 Dice Don'T Smell It Dice Explains Bi-Sexual Dice Funk-Up Dice Gets Creative in Bed Dice Gets Flashed Dice Goes to the Mall Dice Greeting Cards Dice Gymnastics Dice Has Random Thoughts Dice Hates Magicians Dice Is Born Dice Is Coming Dice Jerks Off Dice Just Says No Leno Dice Knows When to Say When Dice Learns to Mambo Dice Looks Tv Dice Looses It Dice Man Cometh Intro, The Dice Man Cometh Outro, The Dice Meets The Parents Dice Never Met A Simoleon Dice on Bodybuilders Dice on Complaints Dice on Disasters Dice on Lasting Relationships Dice on Manners Dice on Nutrition Dice On Onenightstands Dice on Orgasms Dice On Philadelphia Dice on Reading Material Dice on Redheads Dice on Reheaded Men Dice Pacino Dice Rewrites History Dice Smokes Dice Stops for Gas Dice Talks to the Salesmen Dice the Advocate Dice Up The Ass Dice Vs. Peewee'S_Big_Load.mp3 Dice'S Big Load's_Checklist.mp3 Dice's Checklist'S_Father.mp3 Dice'S Father'S_Gentle_Touch.mp3 Dice'S Gentle Touch'S_Good_Idea.mp3 Dice'S Good Idea'S_Nuts.mp3 Dice'S Nuts'S_Past_(Skits).mp3 Dice'S Past (Skits)'S_Poems.mp3 Dice'S Poems Divider, The Doctors and Nurses Dogs & Birds't_Move.mp3 Don't Move Double Date Double Parking Driveway, The Fat Ass House Mix Fat Orgasms Female Anatomy Filthy in Bed First Blow-Job, The First Kiss Fish Tank Flat Ass/Fat Ass Frozen Food Gift, The Golden Age of Television, The Good 4 U Grocery Part 1 Grocery Part 2 Grocery Store, The Handicaps, Cripples He Said, She Said'.mp3 Hoggin' Hoidy Toidy Chicks Holiday Season's_Over.mp3 Honeymoon's Over, The Honeymoon, The Hot Mama Hour Back...Get It? How Are Ya? Industrial Size Intro Japs'_Off.mp3 Jerkin' Off Joey Judy K2y/China Diner K2y/Wife Kids Laughter Vs. Comedy Let Yourself Go Masturbation Midgets 2000 Milk & Shampoo Moby and the Japs Mother & Son Mother Goose Mothers, Daughters, & Sisters Multiple Sclerosis My *** My Statement Never Marry Her News, The No Apologies (Intro) No Guilt No Pity O.K. For Radio Old School Phone's_Safe).mp3 Opportunity in America (Al Capone's Safe) Osmonds, The Pencil Room, The People Are Pricks Personal Deliveryservice Phone Sex Pizza Places to Meet Chicks Poem, The Rhyme Renditions's_Ass_Funnel.mp3 Rita's Ass Funnel Road Call Salt & Pepper'_Hands.mp3 Shakin' Hands Shampoo Sid and the Oriental Sid/All Bound Up Sid/In the Toilet Silence Is Golden'.mp3 Smokin''_for_Your_Health.mp3 Smokin' for Your Health Something Soft'.mp3 Speedin' Subway Travel Texas Tree, The True Stories Turn-On Words Under 2 Minutes Urinal, The Welcome For Dice What a Mess What Did She Say? What If the Chick Gets Pregnant....'ll_It_Be.mp3 What'll It Be When I Was Young's_Away.mp3 While the Cat's Away...'s_World.mp3 Woman's World Women Comics't_Be_Nice_to_Them.mp3 Ya Can't Be Nice to Them Ya Hear? You May Be Dancing With Me
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