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Life is unfair, you don't have to make it worse 
St. Louis, MO
United States
Last Login: October 24, 2015
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User Level: Artist & D.J.
Member Since: Friday, November 2, 2007
Number of Posts: 763
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belowaveragedave's Interests
General Karaoke, Music, Ice Hockey, Dance Dance Revolution, Web Design, Singing, Writing, Collaborating, Life
Music Comedy, Parody, Indie, Rock, Punk, Techno, Dance, Pop, Unique, Dementia, Broadway, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Disco, well. . .that's a lot of them anyway
Movies Not big on movies, in fact I think outside of some Sci-Fi and Comedy Horror, I don't have many favorite types of movies, just independent ones I like (That is Comedy Horror not Comedy, Horror, I don't particularly love either genre, but put them together and you have magic)
Television See Movies, TV loses interest, I much prefer things that make me think. I like sports, video games, computers, and other mind challenging activities. When I do watch TV I like shows that explore criminology and I also enjoy some reality shows, so long as they aren't about being the next great rap star or romance ( I hate romance reality shows, that's worse than internet dating)
Books Stephen King is my all time favorite author (his books are much better than the movies), I love mystery books and books that challenge the norm. Favorite classic would be The War of the Worlds. I also love educational books such as "Guinness World Records" and "The NHL Almanac", I'd say the last ten book purchases are all education oriented.
Heroes I don't look up to traditional heroes (don't get me wrong, Batman etc were entertaining) but my real life heroes are my Mom, my Grandparents, and Weird Al Yankovic who showed me how to enjoy my favorite music and my love for writing all at the same time.
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