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Hour 1
Gas Face, The - 3rd Bass
Releasing Flatulation - Professor Incubus
Plastic Beach - TV's Kyle
Barbie Don't (Love Ken Anymore) - Mel & Iggy Winslow
Stay Hype, Bro! - CFO$
Metal Head - Blotto
Entertainer, The - Steve Goodie
I See Bones - Allan Sherman
It'll Getcha - Goober & The Peas
Ode to Dr. Demento - Boogerman (Jason Sachs)
Dear Dr. Demento - Nasal Davey
Regeneration - Library Bards, The
I Killed Chatty Cathy - Carl Gagnon & Barry Ramirez
All the Same - Dino-Mike
Hour 2
Man in Black, The - Undertaker, The
Make My Day! - Piko
Making A Million (In My Corner Shop) - Abdul
Where It's At (8-Bit Booyah) - TV's Kyle
Tape Player Song - Mike Peace
Ronnie Reaganomics, Supply-Side Economics Blues, The - Frank X. Locanto
I Draw The Line - Khadafy Duck
How Do You Spell Khadafy? - Wally Wilson
I'm Living on the Borderline - Desaray Deon Donavan & The Mystery People
Dance Bitch - Allie Goertz
Can We Talk? - Bob & Zip featuring Jane Gennaro
007 James Bond - Bindra Danks
Double-O-Seven - Detergents, The
Granny Rock - Little Moose & The Hunters
When I'm Cleaning Windows (Turned Out Nice Again) - 2 In A Tent
Hour 3
My Bad - Barnes & Barnes
Makin' Love in the Aid-ees - Johnny & The Leisure Suits f/ Jonathon Brandmeier
Run (I'm A Natural Disaster) - Gnarls Barkley
Waltz of the Forest - Final Boss
Shmodown - Jason Wingert & Sam Gutierrez
My Blouse - Carrie Dahlby
I Got No Thrill From Anita Hill - Bob Rivers
Stayin' Alive - Gary Lawrence & His Sizzling Syncopators
Wacked-Out Five
Junk Boy (TV Size) - Kaori 2 Luv
This Groove (Is Too Dope For Us) - Scooter Picnic feat. Lindsay Smith
New Day Raps (The New Day) - Mega Ran
We Want The FuMP - FuMP, The
My Ding-A-Ling - Chuck Berry
A-Log on the Airwaves - April 8, 2017
Topic: Random Choice


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