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Topic: About The Awful

Bob Guest   Offline  -  Artist  -  03-12-12 12:08 PM  -  9 years ago
I am pleased to announce the (almost complete) launch of my new website (intended to replace the old forgotten MySpace page) at

This new website has a built in blog, which I intend on taking full advantage of. I think it's only right I repost some of those blogs here... wherever appropriate.

P.S. .... Go have a look. Meaningful content will be online soon.


About The Awful

The title, inspired by and ripped off of John Lennon's book, "In His Own Write" seems like a good place to start.

This has been in the works for some time, but time and other resources have kept it out of reach. However, there comes a point where you just have to suck it up and do what you need to do.

Currently, I make most of my money driving a school bus. It's a good job and I thoroughly enjoy it. However, it doesn't go a long way towards paying the bills. I'm truly thankful that Sheryl (my wife) has a good job that pays well... but you can't always depend on that. So that's where this website comes in.

I had hoped for some time to be able to make a living from some creative pursuit. I learned early that the chances of ever making it big in the music industry were very slim. Having learned that songwriters were paid ahead of everybody else on album sales encouraged me to seek a career in that direction... but that never went far either... for the same reasons.

Around the mid 80s, I had the opportunity to segue into film work. First with stunt work. That went along well at first, but was soon halted when I discovered that my eyesight wasn't quite what it should be. Poor depth perception made my first low fall an experience best forgotten. So... I took further training and ended up working part time... mostly in extra work... waiting to be discovered. Okay... So I never got discovered. But at least I have some cool stories to pass along to my grandchildren!

Over the past twenty or so years, I've been making my way back into music work. Not doing so much in performing, aside from the odd open mic or one shot at a filk con... but everything is significant in its own way. Thanks to discovering the website formerly known as The Mad Music Archive (now simply known as Mad Music), I got my foot back in the door. Thanks also to the changing trends in music production and promotion, I don't need to worry about help from any outside agency to record, produce and market my music.

As the development stage of this new website progresses, some of what I've recorded so far will be made available for free download. I'm also working on a new project that will have a specific price tag on it... available for download. Additionally, I've taken an interest in manufacturing a few items on my own... More on that later.

As John said concerning the content of his book (and which I hope can be applied to my website and music), "... as far as I'm conceived this correction of short writty is the most wonderfoul larf I've ever ready."

"God help and breed you all."

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