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Topic: Editor's Blog - What, Now? Yes, Now

Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  09-23-17 02:08 PM  -  4 years ago

September 23, 2017 - 2:15 pm EDT (UTC -5)

O h, fuck even more kinds of duck...

Dead car + no access to food (because of dead car) + little Russian bastard attacking email/game accounts, then sending pitiful phishing mails since he can't hack them = heavily delayed Halloween shows.

That's just how it is. How will it have to be? I see only 2 full 2-hour Halloween shows being made by me, if even that. If 3 are to be made, either Wayne or Dave (& only Wayne or Dave) will have to make the middle show. It's irrelevant if it's a podcast, 1-hour or 2 hour show. Any will suffice.

As the blog name suggests, the timing on this blows goats. I'm finally feeling good again after all the medical crap this year and the shithammer naturally waits until now to come down.

What else went screwy? I went to get the car inspected & there was a mouse nest in the glove compartment that had to be quickly yanked & surreptitiously disposed of. A week later, the car was dead - battery and/or starter. Also the bathtub is leaking & there's water & plywood detritus in the cellar from it. No fix without smashing the tile in the shower. That sort of thing.


In other news, the Halloween 24/7 stream is coming soon. Wayne gave me control of it during last year's upgrade, so it'll be there - even if the banner isn't up for it yet. I don't control that. Give it a listen between the 1st and Columbus Day. I'll mention when it's up, if necessary. It only takes a moment to switch it out, so that'll be the easy part. Knowing how things always work though, nothing's ever actually easy.

If there are new/missing holiday songs for H'ween/Xmas that you don't hear on the stream, tell me & I can add them since I have all the stream's entire playlists & can check if they're not there.



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