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Release Date: 1976  (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Lyrics By: Ralph Tomlinson (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Music By: John Stafford Smith (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Produced By:
Released By: Adelphia AD 4106 (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Published By:
It's not only Dr. Demento that likes it. I'm rather fond of it, too. Easier to sing that the "real thing". But then, damn near everything else is.- Stavro Arrgolus
  • "The Anacreontic Song" was the official song of the Anacreontic Society, an 18th-century club of amateur musicians in London who gathered regularly to perform concerts. The song is commonly (albeit incorrectly) referred to as "To Anacreon in Heaven", which is not the title, but rather the opening line of the lyrics. These barristers, doctors, and other professional men named their club after the Greek court poet Anacreon (6th century BC), whose poems, "anacreontics", were used to entertain patrons in Teos and Athens. His songs often celebrated women, wine, and entertaining, and today can be considered eroticism. The connection with Anacreon, along with the "drinking" nature of the lyrics, have caused many people to label "The Anacreontic Song" a drinking song. The chorus certainly suggests Bacchanalia with its lyrics, "And long may the sons of Anacreon intwine the myrtle of Venus with Bacchus' vine." In all probability some drinking did occur at Society meetings, but the primary purpose of the Society (and its song) was to promote an interest in music. This absence of an official connection to drinking did not keep the song from being associated with alcohol, as it was commonly used as a sobriety test: If you could sing a stanza of the notoriously difficult melody and stay on key, you were sober enough for another round. (Wikipedia) (Stavro Arrgolus)
  • The melody, if not the original lyrics, became well-known after Francis Scott Key, an attorney, wrote "Defense of Fort McHenry" while detained on a British ship during the night of September 13, 1814, as the British forces bombarded the American fort. His brother, on hearing the poem Key had written, realized it fit the tune of "The Anacreontic Song". Key had earlier written a poem to the same metrical scheme. Later retitled "The Star-Spangled Banner," Key's words with a modified version of Stafford Smith's music became a well-known and recognized patriotic song throughout the United States and was officially designated as the U.S. national anthem in 1931. (Wikipedia) (Stavro Arrgolus)
  • Dr. Demento breaks out this song every few years for his 4th of July show. (Stavro Arrgolus)
  • From the album "The Top Hits of 1776" (Stavro Arrgolus)
  • Song Lyrics:
    To Anacreon in Heaven
    Where he sat in full glee
    A few Sons of Harmony
    Sent a Petition
    That he their Inspirer
    And Patron would be;
    When this answer arrived
    From the Jolly Old Grecian:
    "Voice, Fiddle, and Flute
    No longer be mute
    I'll lend you my name
    And inspire you to boot
    And besides, I'll instruct you
    Like me to intwine
    The Myrtle of Venus
    With Bacchus' vine"

    The news through Olympus
    Immediately flew;
    When Old Thunder pretended
    To give himself airs.
    "If these Mortals are suffered
    Their scheme to pursue
    The devil a Goddess
    Will stay above stairs
    Hark, already they cry,
    In transports of joy,
    'Away to the Sons of
    Anacreon we'll fly
    And there with good fellows,
    We'll learn to intwine
    The Myrtle of Venus
    With Bacchus' vine"

    The Yellow-Haired God
    And his nine fusty Maids
    From Helicon' banks
    Will incontinent flee,
    Idali will boast
    But of tenantless shades,
    And the bi-forked hill
    A mere desert will be.
    My Thunder no fear on't
    Shall soon do it's errand,
    And dam'me I'll swing
    The Ringleaders I warrant.
    I'll trim the young dogs
    For daring to twine
    The Myrtle of Venus
    With Bacchus' vine

    Apollo rose up
    And said "Pry'thee ne'er quarrel,
    Good king of the Gods,
    With my Vot'ries below:
    Your Thunder is Useless."
    Then showing his laurel,
    Cry'd "Sic evitabile
    Fulmen, you know!
    Then over each head,
    My laurels I'll spread,
    So my sons from your Crackers
    No mischief shall dread,
    While, snug in their clubroom,
    They jovially twine
    The Myrtle of Venus
    With Bacchus' vine"

    Next Momus got up
    With his risable Phiz
    And swore with Apollo
    He'd cheerfully join-
    "The full tide of Harmony
    Still shall be his,
    But the Song, and the Catch,
    And the Laugh shall be mine.
    Then, Jove, be not jealous
    Of these honest fellows."
    Cry'd Jove, "We relent,
    Since the truth you now tell us:
    And swear by old Styx,
    That they long shall intwine
    The Myrtle of Venus
    With Bacchus' vine"

    Ye Sons of Anacreon,
    Then join hand in hand;
    Preserve Unanimity,
    Friendship and Love!
    'Tis yours to support
    What's so happily plann'd;
    You've the sanction of Gods,
    And the Fiat of Jove.
    While thus we agree,
    Our toast let it be:
    "May our Club flourish Happy,
    United and Free!
    And long may the Sons
    Of Anacreon twine
    The Myrtle of Venus
    With Bacchus' vine"
    (Stavro Arrgolus)
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    davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  06-27-10 02:33 AM  -  13 years ago
    This was a Jeopardy! question just tonight.
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