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Duration: 1:53 
Release Date: 1985  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By: Joint Production of WKPE-FM & WROR-FM (DJ Particle) 
Published By:
  • The version played on Dr. Demento was abridged from the original version. Cape Cod radio station WKPE "Cape 104" was not a Dr. Demento affiliate, so the final verse of the song, which mentioned said station, was cut.
    The other station involved in production, WROR-FM in Boston, was a Dr. Demento affiliate (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Honey do you have the map?
    Is this the one? 'Western United States'?
    Darling, we're not in New Jersey anymore
    Daddy! Are we there yet?

    We're tourists, stayin' on the Cape!
    Our summertime vacation should be something really great
    You can spot us on the Mid-Cape with our headlights on
    And all the Cape Cod locals cannot wait 'til we are gone

    We're tourists, on our summertime vacation
    We come to Cape Cod from all across the nation
    Can you get us directions to the Kennedy estate?
    We've been driving now for hours! Is this Route 28?

    It's the Tourist Rap!
    The Tourist Rap!
    On the side of the road
    Tryin' to read the map!

    We're tourists, on the beaches and the bars
    You can tell that we are here by the license on our cars
    We're tourists, driving 'round the rotary
    Daddy, pull over! I gotta take a--

    We are tourists, stayin' on Cape Cod
    What's this on the menu? Never heard of "kway-hog"

    Daddy, I'm hungry!
    Son, just take it easy, we'll be there shortly
    Honey! You missed our exit!
    Oh damn!
    This fellow Dennis must be a rather large individual, he takes up 3 exits!
    (dog howls) (It's the Tourist Rap!)
    Would you please shut that dog up! (The Tourist Rap!)
    Honey, was our hotel in "Chat-ham" or "Eastum"? (On the side of the road)
    I don't know!
    Which road is this? (Tryin' to read the map!)

    {This verse was omitted from the Dr. Demento airplay of this song}
    We're tourists, and we've been here before
    So our radio is tuned to Cape 104
    We hear it on the beaches, we hear it in the stores
    But I wonder what we're gonna do when we're not here no more

    We're tourists, and we're up to our old tricks
    If you haven't had enough, we'll be back in '86!!

    (DJ Particle)
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