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Song Details
Duration: 2:40 
Release Date: 1967  () 
Lyrics By: Chip Taylor () 
Music By: Chip Taylor () 
Produced By: Chip Taylor & Dennis Wholey (Edwin1) 
Released By: Parkway Records (peterpuck9) 
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
Wild thing
You make my heart sing
You make everything groovy
Wild thing

Wild thing, I think I love you
But I wanna know for sure
Come on and hold me tight
I love you

Wild thing
You make my heart sing
You make everything groovy
Wild thing

------ instrumental break ------

Wild thing, I think you move me
But I wanna know for sure
So c'mon and hold me tight
You move me

Wild thing
You make my heart sing
You make everything groovy
Wild thing

Wild thing
C'mon, c'mon, wild thing
Shake it, shake it, wild thing [fade]

Sung with Robert F. Kennedy accent
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Messages about the song: "Wild Thing"
barma999   Offline  -  Member  -  10-24-06 02:13 PM  -  17 years ago
In 1967, this was revived as a parody recording by a comedy troupe called The Hardly Worthit Players. Their version ht #20 in the US, and was recorded under the name Senator Bobby. It was a send-up of the popular Senator from New York (and younger brother of President John), Robert F. Kennedy, and loaded with in-jokes about Democratic party politics and RFK's family. The interplay between "Senator Bobby" and the producer is outlandish. The B-side was a send-up of the popular Senator from Illinois, Everett Dirkson, loaded with in-jokes about Republican party politics. The interplay between the "senator" and the producer on the "response" to "Senator Kennedy's hit record" is equally funny. The voice of Senator Bobby was James Voight, brother of actor Jon Voight. Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968 while running for President. Everett Dirkson died in 1969.
The parody version by The Hardly Worthit Players was one of the last hits for the Cameo/Parkway empire before it went belly-up in early 1969.
barma999   Offline  -  Member  -  10-24-06 02:08 PM  -  17 years ago
P/SP-7057 - Boston Soul: Wilder Things with the Hardly-Worthit Players - Senator Bobby & Friends [1967] Mono mastered February 14, 1967; stereo mastered March 1, 1967. Some of these LPs were mis-pressed with a mono stamper for side one and a stereo stamper for side two. Overture With Senator Bobby (S)/Wild Thing - Senator Bobby (E)/Musical Favorites (S)/King Of The Road - Mr. President (S)/The Motown Sound (S)/Daydream - William Rebuttley, Jr. (S)/The Latest Fashion (S)//Mellow Yellow - Senators McKinley & Bobby (S)/The New Film (S)/96 Tears - Senator Bobby & The Questions (S)/The New Dance (S)/White Christmas - Bobby The Poet (S)/Two And A Half Minutes To Go (S)
barma999   Offline  -  Member  -  10-24-06 01:18 PM  -  17 years ago
This song is on the following album:
SP-7053 - The Hardly-Worthit Report Featuring Chet Hardly & David Worthit - Hardly Worthit Players [1966] The Hardly-Worthit Players were Dennis Wholey, Bill Minkin, Carol Morley, and Steve Baron. Produced by Chip Taylor and Dennis Wholey. Original pressings of this album did not include the song "Wild Thing," which was added after it became popular. Versions of the album which include "Wild Thing" have the same jacket, but a sticker on the front which reads: Including the Smash Single "Wild Thing" by Senator Bobby. On the record itself, matrix number for the first issue on side 1 is P-7053-A (in the trailoff groove area), while the reissue has P-7053-A-R. Stereo information unavailable. Wild Thing (runs slightly longer than 45) [Senator Bobby]/Beatles-Pope Visit To NYC/ Coffee/Columbus/U.S. Economic Aid/Lone Ranger Press Conference/Dove/ The Moses Convention//White House Bar Mitzva/Red China/White And Black/ Backout/Information Please/U.S. Treasury/The Senate Housing Investigation Of The Three Little Pigs As Conducted By Senator Charming
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