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Duration: 7:04 
Release Date: 10/14/1957  () 
Lyrics By: Stan Freberg () 
Music By: Stan Freberg () 
Produced By:
Released By: Capitol Records (sav-man) 
Published By:
  • Reached #32 on the BILLBOARD charts in November 1957. (sav-man)
  • Freberg is parodying the original 1950s' Welk show (not the later syndicated version from the 1970s'). (sav-man)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Note LW is Lawrence Welk, -L is a Lemmon sister,
    LS is the Lemmon Sisters, LL is Larry Looper,
    SS is Stoney Stonedwell, AL is Alice Lean,
    SM is sailor matey, SC is sailor captain

    Note LW is done in a parody of Lawrence Welk's accent.
    I will spell this phonetically in a few places
    where it is important, but if I did it consistently,
    LW would be unintelligible.

    LW Thank you, thank you and good evening friends.
    We're coming to you once again from the beautiful
    Aragon Ballroom on Lick Pier at beautiful Santa
    Monica Beach, California. We've been getting lots
    of cards and letters from you folks out there in
    television lant and we surely do thank you for...ah...
    for...ah...for all the cards and letters from you
    folks out there in television lant. Starting us off
    tonight is our trio the Lemmon Sisters and
    girls what are you going to sing?
    -L We're going to sing Thank You For All Those Cards
    and Letters You Folks Out There in Television Land.
    LW Lant!
    -L Lant
    LW And now an appropriate number. A-wun and a-too and a-
    LS Thank you for all those cards and letters
    You folks in television lant
    We wonder where this television lant is
    Could it be a couple of miles from where Dinney Lant is
    Oh, well never the less you guys and gals in

    LW What is that noise there?
    LS - bunch of palsy-walsies -

    LW Oh, its the bubble machine. Turn off...just a moment...
    I...hold it just a moment please...turn off the bubble
    machine...please turn off the bubble. Thank you, Lemmon Sisters for that lovely number. Wunerful, wunerful. And now on with the show. Here's that man with the deep, deep voice,
    Larry Looper. Larry, What are you going to sing for us, Larry?
    LL I'm going to sing Thank You For All Those Cards and Letters.
    LW I'm sorry, that number has been taken.
    LL Well. Ill sing The Funny Old Hills then.
    LW Good. A-wun and a-too and a-
    LL I-
    LW Hold it just a moment. The bubbles don't come till the end
    of the program. Turn off the bubbles. Thank you Lar- thank you
    Larry Looper, for that wunerful number. Now I would like to
    play a short instrumental medley based on the names of girls.
    A-wun and, thats not it...thank you so very much. And now, here's that young man about town from the brass section, Stoney Stonedwell, to sing Please.
    SS Please. Lend your little ears to my plea -
    LW What is the matter with that machine. Here, hit it with your
    horn...hit your mouthpiece in it there.
    Wunerful, wunerful. And now on with the show. Here's our
    champagne lady Alice Lean. Alice is going to sing
    Moonlight and Shadows. A-wun and a-too and a-
    Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in twenty-five years
    my popping finger is caught in my cheek. Will you give me a hand there,, pull my, the other arm...just pull it...
    pull it...thats it.
    AL Moonlight and shadows and you in my arms
    And the melody in the bamboo tree, my sweet
    Even in shadows
    LW Hold it, somebody stop the bubble machine. The whole ballroom is lathering up with bubbles. And now I can't see the cameras. Here, let me set that accordion down on the stage and I'll try to fix that. Bear with us, folks just a moment please. Gee, the time is running out and we haven't even played the polka. Wait a minute, boys, I didn't mean...hold it, Alice, don't polka on my accordion.
    Gee, Dad, it was a Wurlitzer. Hit the theme, boys. And so its
    goodnight from all the champagne... wheres the cameras...theres so many bubbles I can't...and so, friends,, the whole ballroom is shoving off to sea...
    SM Sure is a clear night, ain't it, Captain?
    SC Yup, matey, these are the kind of nights when the sea plays
    tricks on ye.
    SM Yeah, I recollect one night off Singapore...
    SC Tricks, I say, like that mirage off the port bow, now.
    SM What?
    SC See it there, kinda bubbly looking in the moonlight?
    SM Oh, yeah. Gee, if I didn't know better, I'd say it looks
    like the Aragon Ballroom.
    SC Yeah...dee-deedee dee-dee dee dee dee-dee
    SM Hey, thats a catchy chantey you're humming there, Captain. What is it?
    SC Oh, I don't know. Just keeps running through my head.
    SM Let's go below and catch a little shut-eye.
    LW Help! Help! Wunerful, wunerful. Turn off the bubble machine.

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    Messages about the song: "Wun'erful, Wun'erful!"
      Offline  -   -  04-13-05 05:49 AM  -  19 years ago
    This was my first exposure to the genius of Stan Freberg (a commercial voiceover specialists and song parody/
    jingle writer in the 1950s and '60s). My mother used to watch the Lawrence Welk Show, so I understood this takeoff right away. Absolutely dead-on and one of the best ever recorded. Like Tom Lehrer's "Irish Ballad," "Wuner'ful, Wuner'ful" spent four weeks at No. 1 on the GregWorld music charts in March/April 1979.
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