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Song Details
By: Positude
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Duration: 2:36 
Release Date: 2005  (SassageMcLink) 
Lyrics By: Link & Eagle (SassageMcLink) 
Music By: Link & Eagle (SassageMcLink) 
Produced By: Link (SassageMcLink) 
Released By:
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
Song Lyrics:
You can call me Evil Otto bouncing onto the scene
cuz when I go Berzerk I'll zap you with my lazer beam
I'm crazy like Frogger on the backs of alligators
lowering the boom like Space Invaders
cuz this is Yar's Revenge and I'm breaking down your walls
looking for the treasure looking out for pitfalls
You think you're player 1? Sorry
I'd hate to burst your bubble like Circus Atari
but like Joust, I gotta knock you off your ostrich
throwing salt in your game like a Burger Time sausage
If this were Enduro, I would go the extra mile
to have you spinning in your grave Combat style
cuz your game is over but don't get mad at me
crying like Q-Bert, spewing out profanity
What do you think, you're Tron? You think you're some kind of rebel?
Fool, I'm playing you like you're the teddy bear level

Everybody hold up your lighters
cuz I got 2600 chimps with typewriters
Don't even try to dispute me
cuz I got 2600 inch rims on my hoopty

I'm straight droppin bombs like Missile Command
Your girlfriend understands; she had the joystick in her hands
cuz you know I'm blowing up just like Dig Dug
and I'm bumpin' and I'm jumpin' in my VW bug
or like a Galaxian, I'm always buggin' out
if this were Stampede, I'd rope your girl like a cow
because I'm gonna snatch her up like my name is Donkey Kong
but unlike Centipede, it won't be long
until she's callin' me Mr. Do
and your hopping mad, just like Kangaroo
so you better check yourself, because your game is full of glitches
this isn't River Raid but you're blowin' up your bridges
and when you turn blue, I'm coming after you
like Inky & Pinky & Blinky & Sue
I'm gonna take the chalice back to the yellow palace
I got so much game, I got a callous

My taste in girls ain't that choosy
cuz I got 2600 in my jacuzzi
The styles I wear are the flyest
cuz I got 2600 zippers on my vest
gonna need couple more tables
cuz I bought 2600 pounds of swiss cake rolls
I'm about as clever as rye bread
cuz I got 2600 brain cells my head
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