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The Christmas Season 
By: Sudden Death
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Duration: 3:40 
Release Date: 2005  (sfjpk30) 
Lyrics By: Tom Rockwell (M_Robertcop) 
Music By: Tom Rockwell, Thom Uliasz (M_Robertcop) 
Produced By: FIDIM Interactive, LLC (M_Robertcop) 
Released By: FIDIM Interactive, LLC (M_Robertcop) 
Published By: FIDIM Publishing (M_Robertcop) 
Licensing: CC 
Song Lyrics:
Christmas is coming
Ah, Christmas is coming
Ah, Christmas is coming
Ah, Christmas is coming
Ah, Christmas is coming
Ah, Christmas is coming
Ah, Christmas is coming
Ah, crap!

[verse 1]
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas already
With the animated reindeer and the top hat wearin' yeti
Now I can be as festive as the next guy
But I still have firecrackers from the Fourth of July
'C'mon, do I really need six months to shop?
Might as well be Christmas non stop
Pretty soon they'll be hangin' up lights all over town
And it was just last week I finally took mine down
Please can I get a break for my sake?
All I'm askin' for is one month without a fruitcake
Give me some time to recover from another year of
Drunken relatives and a pissed off little brother
Singin' that stupid Jingle Bell song
In the middle of July somehow seems wrong
I still got five months to go
And I'm already sick of the ho ho ho

"Let's see what's on TV."
"Well, we got Rudolph... Frosty..."
"Rudolph versus Frosty?"
"A CSI Christmas?"

[verse 2]
The Christmas season causes great frustration
Getting longer and harder like a Viagra patient
I just need a vacation from the holiday cheer
I don't think I could take it for the rest of the year
And nobody is cheerful anyway
It's always "gimme the damn toys and get the f**k out my way!"
I can deal with that on December twenty-third
But when it starts up in March, that's a little absurd
And then the charities, there's way too many
Beggin' me for money like I have any
And there's some idiot flappin' his mouth like a flapjack
With his "peace on earth" and all that crap
I'd settle for peace in my kitchen
But that would mean my relatives would have to quit their bitchin'
And since I doubt that'll ever come about
It's Merry Christmas, pass the gravy, and I try to tune 'em out

"Let's see what Santa brought for me..."
"Huh. I already have one of these."
"Hey wait a minute. This is mine!"
"I've been looking for this!"

[verse 3]
My Christmas usually consists of this
Fighting back the urge to shop with my fists
Sendin' out cards to people I never see
And tryin' to keep the dog from peein' on the tree
Then the whole family has to search
For directions so we can find our way to Church
I still find it ironic and a little bit odd
That my kids believe in Santa Claus, but not in God
But I ain't takin' my kids, 'cause it's too weird
To see some child molester in a fake beard
I don't care if they kick and scream
I ain't doin' anything till after Halloween
I can only buy damaged and discount
Due to the amount in my bank account
But I have no motivation to shop when I know
I'm still payin' off gifts from three Christmases ago

And again and again and again and again!
And again and again and again and again!
And again and again and again and again!
And again and again and again and again!
Current Rating 9.5 (4 votes)
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