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Song Details
I Cannot Sing 
By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap
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Duration: 3:25 
Release Date: 2006 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
Song Lyrics:
My music would be much better
If it weren't for this one thing
The mp3s on my website
Are sure to make your scream
I've got so much music
Make new songs every day
But it's gonna make you all sick
But I'm gonna say it's great

I cannot sing
I cannot sing
Advertise my songs
As if they're so awesome
It's music to me
I'll make CDs to sell to friends
Although my music's so ruined
I think I will make it
You'll like it but fake it
'Cause I cannot sing

I'm compared to wild coyotes
As far as my singing goes
I run around and show these
I suck and it really shows
But everyone lies about it
They say that I'm really great
My folks say that I'm a good singer
Though I get booed off the stage

I cannot sing
I cannot sing
I'll sell some CDs
Full of mp3s
Of stuff that's by me
My friends say my stuff's real good
Do American Idol, I should
They say that I'll make it
But they actually FAKE it
'Cause I cannot sing

I cannot sing
I cannot sing
I sound like a dog's cry
Hear my stuff and you'll die
But I just don't see (I just don't see-ee-ee-ee)
That I'm horribly off key
Everybody knows that but me
Give me a microphone
I'll blow out your eardrums
'Cause I cannot sing

I sound like a fluke, I'm so out of tune
I can't hit the notes and I always choke
I'm off of the pitch, my songs sound like junk
I sing in the key of Z (yeah)
Can't sing in one key, forget harmony
A solo vocal is all that I'll howl
At karaoke, they throw stuff at me
Like rotten tomatoes!

I cannot sing! (I cannot sing)
I cannot sing (I cannot sing)
I go round and show it
'Cause I do not know it naturally (naturally-y-y-y)
I use sound recorder and
MIDI files are my band
I try but I'm failing
It sounds like I'm wailing
'Cause I cannot sing
I put my songs up here
But I'm out of luck here
I cannot sing
All of my singing is more like cats screaming
When I sing, then they throw toasters at me
Listen to me go, I have an ego
I cannot sing!
(Sonic SBL)
Current Rating 10.0 (1 vote)
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