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Song Details
Release Date: 1978  (sfjpk30) 
Lyrics By: "J G John" [Graham Fellows] (The Judge) 
Music By: "J G John" [Graham Fellows] (The Judge) 
Produced By: "Martin Zero" [Martin Hannett] (The Judge) 
Released By:
Published By:
  • "Jilted John" was a character created by actor/comedian Graham Fellows. Originally issued on the independent label Rabid Records, it was picked up for reissue by EMI after being played by legendary DJ John Peel. (The Judge)
  • Song Lyrics:
    I've being going out with a girl
    Her name is Julie
    But last night she said to me
    While we were watching telly

    This is what she said:

    She said "Listen John I love you
    But there's this bloke I fancy
    I don't want to two-time you
    So it's the end for you and me."

    "Who's this bloke?", I asked her.
    "Gordon", she replied.
    "Not that poof?", I said dismayed.
    "Yes, but he's no poof!", she cried
    "He's more of a man than you'll ever be"

    Here we go, 2, 3, 4.

    I was so upset that I cried
    All the way to the chip shop.
    When I came out there was Gordon
    Standing at the bus stop.

    And guess who was with him?
    Yeah, Julie.
    And they were both laughing at me.

    Oh she's cruel and heartless
    To pack me for Gordon,
    Just because he's better looking than me,
    Just because he's cool and trendy.

    But I know he's a moron
    Gordon is a moron
    Gordon is a moron
    Gordon is a moron

    Here we go, 2, 3, 4

    Oh! She's a slag
    And he's a creep.
    She's a tart
    He's very cheap.
    She is a slut
    He thinks he's tough.
    She's a b***h
    He is a poof.

    Yeah yeah - it's not fair.
    Yeah yeah - it's not fair.

    I'm so upset
    I'm so upset
    I'm so upset

    I ought to smash his face in.
    Yeah, but he's bigger than me ain't he?
    I know! I'll get my mate Barry to hit him -
    He'd flatten him!
    Yeah but Barry's a mate of Gordon ain't he?
    Ah well - I don't care,
    Oh I don't care...
    (The Judge)
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