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Duration: 6:17 
Release Date: 1966  (Tim P. Ryan) 
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Song Lyrics:
There are songs about Chicago,
And New York, and old L.A.
And some guy named Bennett sang
Of San Francisco by the bay.

But I've gotta sing a song for
The only town I long for...

There is a place I long to go, and I confess,
It's Peyton Place.
They've got a brand new meaning for togetherness
In Peyton Place.

Idano if it's in New York or Pennsylvania,
All I know is it's not too far from nymphomania.
Peyton Place,
I've gotta go there.
No one tells ya "no" there.

Everyone's moral fiber is corroding
Down in Peyton Place.
That's why the population is exploding
Down in Peyton Place.

Nobody knows exactly what his family tree is.
Your father would tell you, but you can't be sure who he is.
In Peyton Place,

Everyone walks around the square so overjoyed
In Peyton Place.
That's where they put the statue up of Sigmund Freud,
In Peyton Place.

They've got a new library there, but here's the snapper:
Every book in it's covered with a plain brown wrapper.
Peyton Place,
It's hallowed ground there.
People fool around there.

Nobody's got the slightest inhibition
Down in Peyton Place.
Everyone's in a delicate condition
Down in Peyton Place.

Somebody just put up a fancy new motel there,
With a big neon sign that flashes "What the Hell" there.
Peyton Place,

During the day the folks are busy making friends
In Peyton Place.
When I say making friends, I mean they're making friends
In Peyton Place.

And if you care to know just how their evenings go,
Nobody's every seen the Johnny Carson Show.
In Peyton Place,
My kind of town!
That's Peyton Place,

One more time? Quickly, one more time. Real quick. One more time.
It's the choreography that poops me out.

Everything's up to date and very swanky
Down in Peyton Place.
The principal industry is hanky panky
Down in Peyton Place.

One lady rang my doorbell who was quite enthralling,
Standing there naked saying, "Bong, bong. Avon calling."
Peyton Place,
Where the good life is,
Depending where your wife is.

Come and see what they're making in the old town mill
In Peyton Place.
See the ancestral residence of Fanny Hill
In Peyton Place.

I just moved in there recently, and I'm not braggin',
But you should see what they give you from the Welcome Wagon.
In Peyton Place,

There is a big investigation underway
In Peyton Place.
They're having trouble cleaning up the P.T.A.
In Peyton Place.

Far be it from me to criticize the youth, but really,
You can fit all the virgins in an Austin-Healy
In Peyton Place,
My kind of town!
That's Peyton Place,
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