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  • This Is A Parody of Nursery Rhyme Lawyer By Throwing Toasters. (The Kahn Man)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    And all the king's horses and all the king's men
    Couldn't get him a bris, but I could

    Jack and Jill (Jill Rosenberg that is) went up the hill
    To fetch themselves a pail of water
    When they came down Jill's father was upset
    Didn't like no gentile hanging round with his daughter

    If you are a nursery rhyme
    And you'd like to try being a Jew one time
    Maybe change your name to Chaim
    I can give you peace of mind
    Cause my service is one of a kind
    I'm the Nursery Rhyme Moyel

    Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet
    Reading Talmud all Saturday
    'Long came a spider and interrupted her studies
    But my scalpel scared that black widower away

    Blackbirds baked in your pie
    They're gonna be gefilte-fied
    Your cow jumping into the sky
    When she's kosher she won't fly
    Give my services a try
    Never say "what a good goy am I"

    Hey, I admit it, I celebrated Christmas for a long
    time... you know, 'cause I like Knick Knacks and Paddy
    Wacks... and it used to really upset me when every
    Hanukkah season I had to endure the taunts from my
    Jewish friends... You know, "Ha ha, some fat guy's gonna
    come down your chimney and eat all your cookies!" So I
    called the Nursery Rhyme Moyel, and in no time at all I
    was lighting candles and spinning the dreidel. Thanks,
    Nursery Rhyme Moyel!

    When your cupboard is bare
    I'll put some chicken soup there
    Dish ran away with your spoon
    You'll get matza balls soon
    If you've lost your sheep
    I won't cut too deep
    Someone's stealing your tarts
    I'll stab 'em right where it smarts
    If your bridge is falling down
    I'll make you smooth and round
    When the bough breaks
    I won't have the shakes
    You know who I am
    I'm the Nursery Rhyme Moyel

    I was really really concerned that the sky was falling,
    and my priest couldn't help me at all. He just laughed
    at me, if you can believe that! So I called the Nursery
    Rhyme Moyel, and within two hours I was confident that
    even if the sky did fall, I'm chosen, and I have nothing
    to worry about. Thanks for the chutzpah, Nursery
    Rhyme Moyel!

    I fell off a wall, and the Nursery Rhyme Moyel sent me
    to Hebrew summer camp and got me planting trees, and
    reading Torah with ease. I'm in the jewelry business
    now, and I don't fall off nothing. Thanks, Nursery
    Rhyme Moyel!
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