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Dumbledore Died 
By: Nuclear Bubble Wrap
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Rank this week: 17 (↑25)
Duration: 3:46 
Release Date: 2006  (peterpuck9) 
Lyrics By:
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Licensing: CC 
  • Parody of "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers (peterpuck9)
  • Song Lyrics:
    I came in my sixth year and I was doin’ just fine
    Everything was so great until the very end
    It started out with a prince, and then nothing made sense
    Who is the Half-Blood Prince? Who is the Half-Blood Prince?
    Now I’m goin’ to meet Dumbledore and then go
    To find some locket thing which has Voldemort’s soul
    Then death eaters arrive, running around the place
    And then Malfoy’s like, “DIE!”, but Snape gets out his wand now
    I know what’s going on now, green light show
    And I just can’t look, he’s killing the
    Headmaster, I know

    So I see
    Snape was working for Voldy
    I go chasing him outside
    Try spells, but he reads my mind
    But I just found out today
    Destiny is calling me
    I could not believe my eyes
    When Dumbledore died

    So I’m all mad at Snape and want to kill him sometime
    No more hangin’ around Hogwarts School at all
    I got help from this Prince when potions didn’t make sense
    (Snape was the Half-Blood Prince, Snape was the Half-Blood Prince)
    Now there’s this prophecy that involves Voldy and me
    That says neither can live long as the other can breathe
    But he split up his soul into items he picked
    And so now I must go on a horcrux hunt now
    Easier said than done now, off I go
    And I just can’t let Snape get away
    My hate for him grows

    So I’m just
    Gonna find the horcrux
    Instead of finishing up school
    I guess my friends will come ‘long too
    And I’m gonna make Snape pay
    And cause of this prophecy
    Voldemort I’ve gotta fight
    And Dumbledore died.

    It’s over...
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