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Duration: 4:29 
Release Date: 1986  (Halfshell) 
Lyrics By: Rick Elger & George Bowser (peterpuck9) 
Music By: Rick Elger & George Bowser (peterpuck9) 
Produced By:
Released By: Justin Time (CAN) (peterpuck9) 
Published By:
  • Clever imitation of Dylan with wall to wall double entendres. (peppertree5706)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Well, I went for a drive in my pickup truck
    I picked up my girl, 'cause I wanted to
    Show her my gloves, 'cause she had on her mitts,
    And I blushed brightly when she showed me her
    Perfume that she buys whenever Avon calls
    So I took off my pants, and I showed her my
    Polka-dot undies!
    My polka-dot undies!

    Yeah, my polka-dot undies from Miracle Mart
    I said, "Look, be careful, I think I'm gonna
    Turn a sharp corner, and go up on the grass."
    She leaned out the window, and I thought I saw her
    Pointing to something that flashed by real quick
    She said, "Hey, look at that! It looks just like your
    Polka-dot undies!"
    Polka-dot undies!

    Yeah, my polka-dot undies that I wear back-to-front
    She smiled and she said, "Have you seen my
    Brother's new car? The one that he stole?"
    Then she asked me to look up her
    Whole damn family, and I went into shock
    When I found out it was her sister who really liked
    Polka-dot undies!
    Polka-dot undies!


    Well, I took her out to dinner, but on one thing she was firm:
    She'd swallow almost anything, except for
    Stories that her brother didn't like birds,
    But hung around leather bars, and liked to eat
    Fish and chips, and he still sucked his thumb
    I said, "I don't mind!" And she kissed me on my
    Polka-dot undies!
    My polka-dot undies!

    I kissed her softly, and I said, "I'll tell you what
    Let's roll up the windows, and I'll eat your
    Last bar of chocolate - the one that's in the parcel."
    She said, "No, no, no", and she called me a
    Taxi. And I said, "I beg your pardon!
    But get me home real fast before I lose my
    Polka-dot undies!"
    Polka-dot undies!

    The moral of this story, like a jewel it is gleamin'
    But you'll never find it in a glass of warm
    Milk or tea, 'cause it will not fit
    And you probably already think I am full of
    Vague innuendos and double-meanin' rhymes
    But I'll tell you that obscenity is all in your
    Polka-dot undies!
    Your polka-dot undies!
    Yeah, your edible undies!
    Your polka-dot undies!
    (Stavro Arrgolus)
    Current Rating 9.4 (8 votes)
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