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[Corny Donelius]:
His Name Is Ward
He Drives A Ford
Let's All Get On Board
The Ward Burton Train!

Hewe Come Wawd Buwton
'Wound Tuwn Numbah Fo'
That Yella Cata-pillah Sho' A
Weel Good Wace Caw
Wawd's Wacin' Wusty Walwace
And They Wunnin' Dohw-To-Dohw
They Bumpin' Fendahs 20 Laps
Gonna Wowk Fo' 20 Mo'
When Wawd Calwed In On The Wadio
He Sound Wike Elmah Fudd
Say He's About To Dwive That
Hot-Wod Fowd Awound Wicky Wudd
He Got It Floowed,
You Put Yo' Money On Wawd Buwton

[Ward Burton]
(I Tell Ya Fellas, This Rusty Wallace
Is About To Get On My Nerves.
What In The World Is Wrong With Him?)

Hewe Come Wawd Buwton
Awound The Thiwd Tuwn
That Fowd Can Sho' Make Them Goodyeaw Tiwe Buwn
But Lowd Knows Wawd
Can't Say It Ohw
What The Newve?

We On Da Wawd Buwton Twain
Widin' On Da Wawd Buwton Twain
Widin' On Da Wawd Buwton Twain
Next Stop Is Gonna Be
Vic'twy Wane!

[Ward Burton]
(Now This Car,
I Ain't Never Drove A Car That Run This Good.
I Thought We,
I Probably Had To Go Home Now In A While
But This Car's Runnin' Like A Rolls Royce)

Wawd Said That Cahw He Widin' In
Wunnin' Wike A Wolls Woyce
At Least That's What We Think He Said,
Wawd's Got Such A Weihwd Voice
You'd Think He'd Find A Wawd Intewpwetuh,
And The Fans Would Alw Wejoice
He Can't Help It,
That's Just The Way Wawd Talks,
And He Ain't Got No Othuhw Choice
Wawd's Got It Floowed,
So Put Yo' Money On
Wawd Buwton

[Ward Burton]
(Where I Come From, Everybody Sound Just Like This
Except For My Brotha,
I Think He's Adopted Or Sumthin')

Hewe Comes Wawd Dwiftin'
Down The Back Stwaight
His Pit Cwew Sho' Got That Fowd Wunnin' Gweat
When Wawd Wins The Winston Cup
He Wilw Be Hawd
To Twanswate

We On Da Wawd Buwton Twain
We'we Widin' On Da Wawd Buwton Twain
Widin' On Da Wawd Buwton Twain
And Our Next Stop Is
Vic'twy Wane!

Widin' On Da Wawd Buwton Twain
We Widin' On Da Wawd Buwton Twain....

[Ward Burton]
(Startin' To Stream As It Come Off The Rails
If We Don't Do Somethin' Quick Boys, We Need To...
It's Got A Real Bad Pull In It Or Sumthin' Or...
I Tell You What, Tell Bill Davis
To Get Down Out The Motor Home
And Come Give Us Some Advice Here
You Know Boys,
I Can't Do It All)

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