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Duration: 2:34 
Release Date: 2004  (Marathon) 
Lyrics By: Jeff Elbel (Marathon) 
Music By: Jeff Elbel (Marathon) 
Produced By: Jeff Elbel (Marathon) 
Released By: Marathon Records (Marathon) 
Published By:
I've seen Jeff Elbel + Ping play at Cornerstone Festival numerous times and always have a great time. Of the different CD's I have by Ping, this is my all-time favorite. The wit and humor of many of the songs is balanced nicely by intelligent looks at various aspects of work, relationships, parenting, pregnancy, annoying neighbors pets, and humble appreciation of one's bandmates. The music has a nice mix of styles that will appeal to most listeners. While I like the entire disc and listen to it often, my favorite tracks are Engine of Destruction (great view of parenting), You Little Victim (bluesy), Bark Along with Cody (unadulterated fun), Soul Destroyer (somedays it be that way), and Sing It Out Loud / Time To Leave (two band appreciation numbers - the latter's rollicking chorus put's me in mind of Leadbelly's "Midnight Special." If you like thoughtful, witty music with lots of creativity, get this release....get it NOW. You won't be sorry! - Mark Hootman- Marathon
  • The song is based upon the true story of Jeff's experience trying to run a recording studio nextdoor to a family's new, noisy dog. (Marathon)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Our neighbors are such kindly folk
    Friendly to the last
    But calm and peaceful living here
    has vanished in the past

    Since the day that they brought home
    A shepherd dog to keep
    He doesn't wake us up
    because we never get to sleep

    Oh, bark along with Cody
    Howl with all your might
    Bark along at nothing
    Do it day and night

    The song is neverending
    Join anytime you like
    Bark along with Cody
    Step up to the mic

    Recording in my studio
    I work here everyday
    He lives outside my window
    without much room to play

    My clientele is shrinking
    It's hard to win them back
    with this uninvited guest
    on all my drum and vocal tracks

    Oh, bark along with Cody
    Howl with all your might
    Bark along at nothing
    Do it day and night

    We've found no way to stop him
    His owners never try
    Bark along, bark along
    Bark until you die

    His family's inattentive
    It drives him barking mad
    And if his bark is worse
    His bite could still be pretty bad

    While every thundering bow wow
    and each unholy woof
    puts gray into my hair
    and shakes the shingles from the roof

    Sometimes I imagine that
    he does it out of spite
    A devil dog to hound me
    and fill my soul with fright

    In reality he's just
    a lonely oafish pup
    I would love him all to bits
    if I could only shut him up

    Oh, bark along with Cody
    Howl with all your might
    Bark along at nothing
    Do it day and night

    There's no way you can stop him
    He's going to have his say
    Bark along, bark along
    Let Cody have his day

    Cody! Shaddup!
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