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Song Details
Duration: 2:32 
Release Date: 2003  (M_Robertcop) 
Lyrics By: Logan Whitehurst (M_Robertcop) 
Music By: Logan Whitehurst (M_Robertcop) 
Produced By: Logan Whitehurst (M_Robertcop) 
Released By: Pandacide Records (M_Robertcop) 
Published By: Plastic Snowman Songs (M_Robertcop) 
Song Lyrics:
"Hello I am Mister Pants
Let me give you some advice
Don't eat yourself up like a cookie... it sucks."

Welcome back now, Mister Pants (Welcome back now, Mister Pants)
What did you see while you were gone?
We heard nothing from you for a decade or two
We built you a tribute out on your front lawn

Have a sandwich Mister Pants (Have a sandwich, Mister Pants)
Tell us why you were away
Now that everyone's here
and they're bending an ear
In anticipation of what you will say.

"My followers were faithful
As they had been before.
They packed up their belongings
And we gathered on the shore.
We climbed into a saucer
And we sailed across the sea.
We turned into some cookies
And we were eaten with some tea"

Hallelujiah, Mister Pants (Hallelujiah, Mister Pants)
Have a cookie and some tea
Our bags are all packed (our bags are all packed)
And when you've finished your snack (finished your snack)
We're ready to follow (ready to follow)
Wherever you lead (wherever you lead)

"Hey... this cookie looks sorta familiar"

Welcome back, Mister Pants. (welcome back, Mister Pants)
Welcome back, Mister Pants. (welcome back, Mister Pants)
Welcome back, Mister Pants. (welcome back, Mister Pants)

"I think that song was wonderful"
"But it wasn't"
"Oh hello there baby Logan"
"How about let's sing songs"
"Yes let's sing another song, what shall we sing about?"
"A lizard"
"A lizard, and what else"
"Uh I'm thinking what else... Ooh! A fish"
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Played on 2 shows:
03-26-21, #WOTR_21810-25-08, #MMCZ_0142
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Messages about the song: "Welcome Back, Mr. Pants"
Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  02-18-18 11:45 PM  -  3 years ago

Yes. And a comma.


On the rare occasions that I actually make shows, I use Excel for the playlists and Word for the scripts, so when I screw up the spelling (& I DO screw up the spelling), I can check it all first. All the titles, song & artist IDs are on the spreadsheet so I can quickly transfer them to the site playlist page. All the info's already there, so it takes just a few minutes to copy & paste it on the site.

Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  02-18-18 07:18 PM  -  3 years ago
Shouldn't there be an "E" in the end of "Welcome"?
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