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I'm On It (Wikipedia) 
By: Sudden Death feat. Rob Balder
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Release Date: 2007  (peterpuck9) 
Lyrics By: Parody Lyrics:Rockwell/Balder Music:Uliasz (peterpuck9) 
Music By: Parody Lyrics:Rockwell/Balder Music:Uliasz (peterpuck9) 
Produced By: Devo Spice (peterpuck9) 
Released By: The FuMP/FIDIM Interactive (peterpuck9) 
Published By: FIDIM Publishing (M_Robertcop) 
Licensing: CC 
  • Parody of "Jam On It" by Newcleus. (written by Dupri/Cenac/Jones/Branch) The parody commemorates the fact that there is now a Wikipedia article on Sudden Death. The article was actually originated by the MMA's own DJ Particle. (peterpuck9)
  • Song Lyrics:
    I'm On It (Wikipedia) by Sudden Death
    parody of Jam On It by Newcleus
    lyrics: T. Rockwell
    music: T. Uliasz
    vocals: T. Rockwell, R. Balder, L. Sienkowski, T. Crist, C. Dahlby

    What the..? Alright! I'm on it!
    Yeah, you gonna wreck it, right? You gonna mess it up bad, right?
    Oh yeah! I'm gonna say he invented the Fruit Roll Up.
    He doesn't even like Fruit Roll Ups.
    I know. That's what makes it so much fun.
    I'm on it!

    Sudden Death's founding members were Jay-Z, Willie Nelson, Malcom McLaren, and Yanni.

    Their first album, "Thundernipple Jones' Alphabet Adventure," was hailed by critics as the rebirth of Canadian Death Reggae.

    Sudden Death's tour rider includes a requirement that nine virgin hens and a ripe beet be delivered to their hotel room on a bed of shredded Archie comics exactly 27 hours prior to their performance.

    Should we tell 'em what site it is?

    Wiki-wiki-wiki-wiki wiki-wikipedia! (2 times)

    (verse 1)
    A few moves of the mouse, I click on a link
    Read a couple words and then I spit out my drink
    'Cause I can't believe the web site I see
    A whole page full of crap written all about me
    On line, for the world to see
    This has gotta be a big conspiracy
    They got a line in here that says my penis glows
    And I was born with a tail and I don't have a nose
    Come on! Who writes this crap?
    They got what we call a mental gap
    Makes me throw my hands up in the air
    Shake my fists and scream and swear
    'Cause these are the Wiki Trolls
    And makin' up this crap is how they steal your soul
    They'll screw it up until it just ain't right
    So come on people, check out the site

    Other members of Sudden Death include Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, and Andy Kaufman, and often alternately tour under the name Matchbox 20.

    They were the first white rap band in history to come out in favor of legalizing the removal of those little tags on mattresses, and a portion of the proceeds from each of their albums goes toward continuing this fight.

    Yeah, wreck it

    Devo Spice is neither Devo nor a Spice. Discuss.

    You know this ain't right
    You people need a life
    Yeah, bite me

    (verse 2)
    Allow me to introduce myself
    I'm Rob Balder, I'm takin' the floor
    And I'm a nerdcore, smooth soundin', heart-poundin, FuMP foundin'
    Web comics entrepreneur
    I do the strips known as Partially Clips
    And Erfworld, and I filk the stage
    I got the plans, the brands, and thousands of fans
    But there's no Rob Balder Wikipedia page
    'Cause on Wikipedia they will speedy delete
    A new media page without blinkin'
    And they're shrinkin' 'cause the losers say
    The only guy the users want to read about is Abraham Lincoln
    Hey! This deletionist crap now
    Hey! Got me mad enough to rap now
    If you're with the crew that screws with that site
    That's tight, alright, make up s**t all night
    Now go crazy, go crazy
    'Cause these wiki-wanks are brainwashed
    I said don't stop the hackin' till it says
    Devo Spice used to be Posh
    I once loved the place but I had to face it
    They stop savin' data now they just erase it
    So trash the place my psycho elves
    But they'll never wreck it worse than they've done themselves

    (verse 3)
    Take a geek, a nerd and a freak
    Then you add Hip Hop, simmer for a week
    Add a funky beat and then-a what do you see
    It's Devo Spice, yeah baby that's me
    I fill the gap for the comedy rap
    But never once crapped in my baseball cap
    So if you read it, don't buy it
    I did not start the L.A. riots
    I rocked MarsCon stage yes that's a fact
    But no it ain't true that my toilet bowl cracked
    Yeah the place was jumpin' and the party was packed
    But I never put a ferret down a fangirl's back
    But you know what, I don't care
    They can say I raped a twinkie in my secret lair
    'Cause stuff like this is a comedian's dream
    So that's why when you see me I'm gonna scream
    I'm on it! I'm on it!
    I'm on and on on and on it
    It's eight pages long and completely wrong
    But I'm still gonna go on and flaunt it
    'Cause it says my crew rules the sea
    And Weird Al learned his craft from me
    And if you don't think that's messed up enough
    Let me tell you what it says about some other stuff

    (verse 4)
    Say Sudden Death had come to town
    But before they rocked the mic
    The CDC condemned the scene
    And the Starbucks went on strike
    Then Devo stepped into the sun
    And burned, began to peel
    Then some loose skin got caught in his zipper
    OK, well that parts real
    It says that folks would rather eat a bullet
    Than watch me on the stage
    I don't need no one to watch my kids
    'Cause I keep 'em in a cage
    I'm terrified of food that's fried
    But have no fear of germs
    I invented the pay telephone
    And wrote How To Eat Fried Worms
    And then he flew to Vietnam
    And shot everything that moved
    Then went to work for Microsoft
    Until Vista was approved
    And just when he had launched The FuMP
    And everything was great
    My career got wrecked by some musical dreck
    Called Disco Flatulate
    So Gary Coleman took me out
    And told me what I was talking about
    He said now that we're past the fad
    Let me tell you why I smell so bad
    I Ozzy Rules I rock the room
    With my giant spatula of doom
    Will you guys knock it off! You're ruining the song! How'd you get in here anyway?! C'mon get out. OUT! Now, where was I? Oh yeah,
    I'm on it! I'm on it!
    I said I'm, I'm on-on-on-on I'm on it
    My bags are a camel and I flannel my hair
    Whatever all that means I don't even care
    I'm on it! I'm on it!
    I said I'm on-on-on-on I'm on it
    The proof reader hung herself tonight
    Because people just keep messin' up the site
    I'm on it! Not on it
    I said not, n-n-n-n not on it
    I sure as hell should be and I'm sorely missed
    But I can't convince people there that I exist
    I'm on it! Not on it
    I said not, n-n-n-n not on it
    Here's a ping pong team from 1918
    But don't you dare mention web comics
    I'm on it! (repeat)

    Write something about a date with Ru Paul.
    Yeah, that's the way you do it.
    Man, I love this site.
    Wiki wiki wiki wiki, wiki wikipedia (2 times)

    Ahh man, my job blocked the site again. I won't be able to edit anything till I get home. Hey, anyone seen my Transformer action figure of Megatron? I like to keep it over here by my desk.
    Yeah, I think I saw it over with with Joe from accounting. He's doing some karaoke or something.
    Chakka Kahn Chakka Kahn let me rock it Chakka Kahn Chakka Kahn let me rock it, that's all I wanna do

    You know what, there are too many Tom's on this site. I think I'm gonna submit Tom Smith's page for deletion.
    You do and he'll write a song about you before you can push Delete.

    Sudden Death frontman Devo Spice was born Alison Finklestein at the age of 7 in Yakfroth, Maryland. He petitioned to have his name legally changed to Cap'n Funktazminator nine years later. The judge presiding over the proceedings went on to become Larry the Cable Guy

    Sudden Death's record label is FIDIM Interactive. The acronym FIDIM stands for French Impressionists Doused In Marmalade.

    Sudden Death got their name from a guy who died. Suddenly. Duh.

    Sudden Death actually owes all of its success to the guiding hand of Shoebox of Worm Quartet. For more information about the Worm Quartet, visit www dot LUKE SKI! dot...hey, you little b***h, you screwed up my plug! You worthless worm-ridden hunk of rotting comedy genius! STOP THAT! DAMMIT! Before I devote my life to the worship of the great Luke Ski! NO!! DAMMIT!! STOP IT!! WORM QUARTET RULES! LUKE SKI rules to a significantly greater degree and also has intimate relations with Shoebox's mother. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    You know that this ain't right
    You people need a life

    Lyrics courtesy of
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    Messages about the song: "I'm On It (Wikipedia)"
    peterpuck9   Offline  -  Participant  -  01-02-11 03:13 PM  -  13 years ago
    Cool! I incorporated this into the fact above.

    DJ Particle:

    little known fact... I'm the one who first put Sudden Death on Wikipedia ;)
    DJ Particle   Offline  -  Moderator, Artist & D.J.  -  12-31-10 10:13 PM  -  13 years ago
    little known fact... I'm the one who first put Sudden Death on Wikipedia ;)
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