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Duration: 4:06 
Release Date: 2003  (Haul-E-Weird) 
Lyrics By: Lyrics by Veronique Chevalier, Music by D. Farris (Haul-E-Weird) 
Music By: Lyrics by Veronique Chevalier, Music by D. Farris (Haul-E-Weird) 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
- Haul-E-Weird
  • Veronique was selected as The Unanimous Choice Winner for Best Independent Cabaret Artist @ The 14th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards, for her Cabaret4Choice recording. (Haul-E-Weird)
  • Personnel on "Contraceptive March":
    Lead Vocals: Laura Sapia
    Drums: Burleigh Drummond
    Accordion: P. Rushton
    Guitarists: D. Farris & Ronnie Antman
    Bass & Spoken Word: Eje Lynn-Jacobs
    Background Vocals/Kazoos: Veronique Chevalier, D. Farris, R. Antman, Julie Lewis, E. Lynn-Jacobs (Haul-E-Weird)
  • "Contraceptive March" is the last track on the Cabaret4Choice recording. This, ahem, a-rousing, whimsical polka march is intended to be the theme song for the imaginary "Contraceptive Fest," to be televised on New Year's, as an alternative to the Rose Parade. All floats in -this- parade would be built from various birth control devices, and at the end, the crowds would get to dismantle them, and head right home to try out the goods! (Haul-E-Weird)
  • She describes the project as "Info-tainment," since the goal of Cabaret4Choice is "to reach and not to preach." While not all the songs are humorous, most of them are, because she believes that laughter opens people up to receiving a message that might not be that easy to digest otherwise. (Haul-E-Weird)
  • Cabaret 4 Choice™ is an independently-produced performance, and CD, to raise awareness about everyone's right to choose. It is the brainchild of Veronique Chevalier (formerly Cyphyre), who has been a long-time supporter of Planned Parenthood®. She created and produced this theatrical production and CD because she wanted to do something more proactive to help make a difference on this important issue. (Haul-E-Weird)
  • Song Lyrics:
    The Contraceptive March

    Let’s extol virtues of birth control,
    With the Contraceptive March
    Let us praise all the countless ways,
    With the Contraceptive March
    Let us celebrate, choice is really great,
    It’s the Contraceptive March
    Up for seeking thrills? on’t forget to take your pills
    Yes, the Contraceptive March

    Verse One:
    When you’re on the straight and narrow,
    Trying not to miss a beat
    But it’s tough to keep your rhythm,
    With those rubbers on your feet
    If you're you Sticking close to home
    Why not stock up on the foam?
    If you wanna take a shot, Depo-Provera’s really hot,
    In the Contraceptive March, Hey!


    (Accordian & Kazoo solos)


    Verse Two:
    When it comes to heavy breathing,
    Diaphragm’s the way to go
    With Norplant in your arm,
    You won’t come to any harm!
    If you wanna feel free,
    Get a quick vasectomy
    Looks can be deceiving,
    when you’re not into conceiving!
    If you wanna be a monk,
    Abstinence won’t cause a funk
    Can Troj-enz bring you joy?
    Just ask Helen of Troy!
    It's the Contraceptive March!


    But wait! I got rhythm, you got rhythm,
    We’ve got rhythm, who could ask for anything more?

    Spoken: (Man’s “Radio commercial voice”)
    “Don’t bank on timed deposits.
    Remember, There can be a substantial penalty
    For delayed withdrawal”.
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