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I'm Taking Your Stuff (2) 
By: Art Paul Schlosser & Robin Good
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Duration: 1:49 
Release Date: 2004  (artpaul) 
Lyrics By: Shari Elf & Art Paul Schlosser (artpaul) 
Music By: Shari Elf & Art Paul Schlosser (artpaul) 
Produced By: Robin Good (artpaul) 
Released By: Art Paul Schlosser Inc (artpaul) 
Published By: Art Paul Schlosser with permission from both Shari Elf and Robin Good (artpaul) 
Licensing: CC 
Song Lyrics:
Robin: Like the Dogs
Art Paul: Like the Dogs Rough rough
R:In the night
AP:In the night
R:Like some Birds In a flight
AP: Like some Birds an Eagle in a flight
R:I’m taking your Kite
AP: Your taking my kite ?
R:I’m riding my bike
R:And I’m calling you Mike
AP: You’re calling me Mike ?
R:I give you a light
AP: I don’t smoke
R:But I’m taking your kite

R:Like the cats
AP: like the cats Meow
R:Like the cats, in the day
AP: Like my cat, in the day
R:Like the dogs now at play
AP: Like the dogs Rough rough
R:I am taking your tray
AP: Your not taking my tray are you ?
R:I am going away
AP: Your going away ?
R: And I’m calling you Ray
AP: I’m not Ray
R:I am here for today
AP: Just for today ?
R: Later taking your tray

R:Like the Bees
AP:Like the Bees Bizz Bzz
R:Like the bee in the trees
AP: They make honey
R:Like the Queen of the sea
AP: Like the Queen of the sea
R:I am taking your keys
AP: Your taking my keys ?
R:And we will later have tea
AP:I like tea
R:And I’m calling you Lee
AP: Can I be General Lee
R:And I’ll serve you some peas
While I’m taking your keys
AP:I don’t like peas
I want the keys

R:Like the man, Like the man with a tan
AP: The man with a tan
R:Like some ladies named Ann
AP: Like some ladies named Ann
R:I am taking your fan
AP: Do you know anyone named Ann ?
R:I am juggling some cans
AP: You drop that can
R:I am calling you Dan
AP: I’m not Dan
R:And I’ll give you a pan,
AP: I want my pan
R:But I’m taking your fan
AP: I want the fan too

R:Like the end,
AP: Like The end
R:Like the end of the song
AP: Like the end of this song
R:And the words are all spelled wrong
AP:I misspelled the words
R:I am taking your thong
AP: Your taking my thong
R:I am putting it on,
AP: Your putting it on
R:and I’m calling you Ron
AP:Can I be Ron Santo
R: Soon I’ll be gone
AP: You going to be gone ?
R:Gone with your thong
AP:Okay could you wash it

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