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Song Details
Paul McCartney/Johnny Cash 
By: Art Paul Schlosser & Robin Good
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Duration: 2:00 
Release Date: 2007  (artpaul) 
Lyrics By: Art Paul Schlosser & Robin Good (artpaul) 
Music By: Art Paul Schlosser & Robin Good (artpaul) 
Produced By: Robin Good (artpaul) 
Released By: Art Paul Schlosser Inc (artpaul) 
Published By: Art Paul Schlosser with permission from Robin Good (artpaul) 
Licensing: CC 
Song Lyrics:
You aren't Listening
Well I want to do a Johnny Cash joke
Sure you don't want to do the Paul McCartney
I'm sorry and cannot do the Paul McCartney
I am Paul McCartney though you know
Cause after I went to thee a India I studied with the Mariachi and I learn too much and I decided to go
yeah yeah but your not Paul McCartney he's from England
I lost the ascent I was in India too long
No No your probable being sued by Paul McCartney and that's why you can't
No No I'm Paul McCartney can you tell
I sing Yesterday
Would you like to sing
All my troubles seem so far away
Oh but now it looks as though their here to stay
I believe in yesterday
See I'm Paul McCartney
That's not Paul McCartney
Well I don't know what else I can do
but I am Paul McCartney believe it or not
What about the other guy who's going come later
There is no other Paul McCartney
Anyone else is not the real Paul McCartney
It's me it's me alone
I am the authentic one
Okay now
I will not argue with you anymore with this subject
End of discussion
Good because I'm going to do my Johnny Cash joke
There you go
This is my johnny Cash joke
I ah
You know he's dead now and I came up with this idea
That we don't know if he's in heaven or hell
And what if he actually went to hell
Which I hope he didn't because he probable
He was a really good guy and everything
But if he went to hell
This is how he would sing the ring of fire
Hell is a burning thing
Okay I'm sorry
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Played on 1 show:
07-24-17, #OTR-3-30
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