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Song Lyrics:
Don't want no lovin', don't want no kissin'
Don't want no gal to call me honey
Don't want my name in the Hall of Fame
Just want a big fat pile of money

Give me that almighty dollar, for that lettuce hear me holler
Give me buckets full of ducats, let me walk around and waller
In Mazuma, el dinero, wanna be a millionaro
Give me money, money, money, money, money

I want that green ammunition, that's the stuff for which I'm wishin'
Fill my closets with deposits, I'm a demon at addition
Give me sheckels, give me pesos, let me see their smiling face-os
Money, money, money, money, money

I wanna get me a suit that's made out of loot
And whistle the wearing of the green
I've got that monetary-itis, like to be just like King Midas
Want that golden touch is what I mean

Give me that old double eagle, want that tender that is legal
And financially substantially any sum I can inveigle
Wanna live in regal splendor, with that lovin' legal tender
Give me money, money, money, money, money

(Hey, Mel! Here comes that Brinks armored truck again!)

I'm a greenback collector, I'm a paper bill inspector
I'm a savage for that cabbage, man, to me it's golden nectar
Pour that filthy lucre on me, spread those lovin' germs upon me
Give me money, money, money, money, money

Just let me roll 'round upon it, stuff those bank rags in my bonnet
Any kind, just so some president has got his picture on it
Let me feel it, let me hold it, let me just sit there and fold it
Give me money, money, money

I wanna car load of cash, the kind I can stash
A vat full of vo-do-de-oh-dough
You know your banker never lets it matter whereabouts you gets it
Has you got it, boy? That's all he wants to know

Give me treasure I can measure, 'cause that's my idea of pleasure
Give me wampum, guilders, geetas, let me count it at my leisure
Let me live in regal splendor with that lovin' legal tender
Give me money, money, money, money!

And if they ever plant trees of E Pluribus Unum,
I wanna be the guy that they send out to prune 'em!
Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money (etc)!
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Messages about the song: "Money"
cart   Offline  -  Member  -  07-17-06 08:12 PM  -  16 years ago
Does anyone know where can I find the lyrics to "money"?
Irving J Puddlebumpe   Offline  -  Member  -  08-14-05 06:56 PM  -  17 years ago
Wish the new Mel Blanc CD had more material.

There is enough material to fill 3 CD's and be interesting!

Maybe this is one for and DrD!
Irving J Puddlebumpe   Offline  -  Member  -  08-14-05 03:58 PM  -  17 years ago
I am glad there is a Mel Blanc compilation out there.

There is enough omissions from Collectors Choice that there should be a second CD issued.

Maybe Dr D and will get together on this project.

I am hoping to get Dr D to play Trixie the Piano Playing Pixie for the aliens show coming up. Could a few others request it?
titman   Offline  -  Member  -  07-21-05 03:02 PM  -  17 years ago
Mel Blanc was a hero of mine. I was lucky enough to meet him 30 years ago at the San Diego Comics Convention. He did a Porky Pig riff for me. He was a very sweet man. I urge anyone visiting Hollywood to pay your respects to the "Man of 1,000 Voices" at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. He is located near the entrance and his headstone sums it up..."That's All Folks!"
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