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Messages about the song: "Dallas"
Shane   Offline  -  Member  -  01-08-14 09:23 PM  -  10 years ago
Dallas Part 2 lyrics:

I had Dallas part 2 on a cassette and lost it not long ago. I still remember the lyrics.

Starts off with a phone ringing:

Miss juicy: Hello, oh Hi Booby! Yeah, just a minute. Hey grandpa, it's for you ya broken down old junk!

Jock: Ahhh thanks a lot miss juicy! You fat teenage pizza-faced dwarf!

Jock: Ahhh Booby!!! What the hell do you want, more money?? Muahahaha.....What!! Your in the slammer again??? Well what in the hell you do this time you punk??

KR: Ahh shut up daddy, here gimme that thar phone. I hope to hell I don't have to clean up this mess! What in the hell you do now Booby? Whats that? You are out chasing naked nasty girls around again? But with hundred dollar bills? Ahhh Booby! Well get your clothes back on and I will be right there and get your but out of the can....goodbye Boobie. "click"

Jock: Ahhh KR....I sure wish Boobie would drink and gamble more like us. Then I could really be proud of him like I am of you jr.

KR: Yaaa that's right daddy! The family that drinks and gambles together they sure stay together. Aint that right daddy? Huh daddy?....huh?

cant remember this line much)

Miss Smelly:
Jock, I am sick and tired of these rotten spoiled brats always calling you daddy, daddy, daddy. Ya arent even their daddy. You old sap! And I am tired of cleaning up after all these filthy cows. Look at all those cowpies all over my new rug! Ive had it! I want out! I am going into dallas and check into a bigger barn!

Jock: Well real good deal miss smelly.... Ya old hag! Toss everything into your stinky boot and beat it!

KR: Well now! Thats killing the old goat daddy! Say, ive an idea. Lets set fire to this shack, and lets open the world greatest gambling casino right here in dallas. We will have booze, drugs, you name it daddy. Isnt that a good idea daddy? Huh daddy? Huh?

Jock: KR YOU JACKASS!!!! You been pushing fifty eight years and all and your still calling me daddy, daddy, daddy! I'm so damned sick an tired of hearing you call me daddy, it makes me want to throw up! Fact is I shot your sick daddy because he was a tap dancing, female impersonator that worked in the dirty queen saloon, and he ruined the great Pewing name. Now you really got me P.O'd when I found out you mortgaged Dirty Fork up to the hilt,to buy that Dirty Queen saloon. Now KR to top that off, you went and blasted my pictures all over Dallas, advertising me as the queen of the cowboys tap dancer.

KR: Now but daddy, but but but but I.....

Jock: Now I am going to give you the same thing I gave your old no good rotten snake (pulls out shotgun and fires)

KR: Haha daddy you missed me, haha! couldn't hit a fright train sitting five feet in front of you! You no good sonofa (shot fired)

Well now!!! That one was a damned good shot!

Jock fires again

KR dying voice...I hope they hang you buy your (another shot)

Jock : Muhahaha...I sure dont need that babbling idiot! Hell I will run the whole operation myself. Booze, women, monopoly, muhahaha dirty fork, your all mine! All the oil all the cattle, everything's mine, mine, mine!

The end.

davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  08-07-11 12:24 AM  -  12 years ago
Dallas Part One is now uploaded on the MMA. Sorry. I don't have Dallas Part Two or any other songs by them.
Until   Offline  -  Member  -  02-18-08 04:22 PM  -  16 years ago
Anyone still interested in a copy of The Dallas Idiots?
Pie Man   Offline  -  Member  -  10-25-06 10:49 PM  -  17 years ago
Hey der Oly,

We wound up on the same site.
Still no luck with them Dallas Idiots.
Keep searching.


--- oly
I am looking for any recordings from the Dallas Idiots
or any copies of The Dr. Demento Show that have the Dallas Idiots.
oly   Offline  -  Member  -  08-05-06 12:31 AM  -  17 years ago
I am looking for any recordings from the Dallas Idiots
or any copies of The Dr. Demento Show that have the Dallas Idiots.
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