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You Pay, We Play 
By: Possible Oscar
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Duration: 5:18 
Release Date: 3/30/2008  (peterpuck9) 
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Music By:
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Released By: (peterpuck9) 
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Licensing: CC 
  • Some of the *ad-libs* contain explicit words. (peterpuck9)
  • Song Lyrics:
    You Pay, We Play

    You pay, we play
    That's all it takes to get a song created for your next big hit
    And it's gonna cost a lot, a lot alotta of money (yeah)

    You pay, we play
    We can play any genre that you like
    But it's gonna cost you big, big money up front
    Here's the skill that could be working for you

    We can funk it up
    Get your groove on singing to the ladies in the front row
    We can funk it up
    Funny lyrics work better with a funky flow
    Got to funk it up
    Make the ladies in the front row forget about their fellas
    We just funked it up
    If the funk isn't working out, we can add a little metal

    Good old fashioned, down home devil's metal
    Kick you in the teeth, disobey your parents metal
    Social outcast, make you pee your pants kind of metal

    We can break it down now if you want us to
    All you gotta do is ask
    The strings come in between bars four and two
    All you gotta do is ask
    If you want to throw a sweeping solo in
    We can drop it in right here

    If you need a sad song
    we can play those too
    Something that will make you cry
    Something that make you feel blue
    And make the ladies swoon
    Come on ladies, let me see you swoon
    Or do you prefer the metal?

    Swoon, Swoon!

    Lay down a funky beat to freestyle over

    If you got the money, then we got the time
    We'll drop a beat perfectly crafted to bust a rhyme
    An 808 kick to make the butts move
    And syncopated hand claps facilitating the groove
    Our sample-free jams are hot and guaranteed to please
    Discounts are applied when you buy more than three
    Or four, hell, why not get a baker's dozen
    You can use the extra beats to bake some blueberry muffins

    You pay, we play
    That's all it takes to get a song created for your next big hit
    And it's gonna cost a lot, a lot alotta of money money

    *cash money ad libs*

    You pay, we play
    We know it seems expensive at first
    Unless you have a discount coupon, too late
    Our stupendous savings offer expired last year

    *more money ad libs*

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