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Song Details
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Duration: 6:18 
Release Date: 1988  (karlap) 
Lyrics By: Jon Sugar (karlap) 
Music By: Jon Sugar (karlap) 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
  • The backing tracks are by the band Pray For Rain, who made music for Alex Cox movies Repo Man,The Sid and Nancy Story and Straight to Hell,. (karlap)
  • Satirizes "Rapture" by Blondie (karlap)
  • Song Lyrics:

    It's a thang

    Not a thing

    It's a thang

    By now you've heard all the records of rap
    And you know by now they don't relate to crap
    So I put one out with a social stang
    I'm for real time baby it's a gay type thang

    While society is shoppin' Sears
    Swiggin' beers, wearin' ears
    Shootin' queers, puzzlin' over Reagan
    and fonding fears
    Here comes Jon Sugar with a social
    Rappin' 'bout a problem called a gay type thang

    You see people put me down every goddamn day
    And they don't want to take a listen to what I say
    In a dream Jesus took me to the promised land
    And it was just a gay bar with a jive-ass band

    Please tell me baby what's on your mind
    You won't give me no ahead and no behind
    I've gotten so depressed I can't sing
    It's too much, it's a gay type thang


    I'm a bastard Jew boy in the promised land
    With a big hairy butt and a pocket full of sand
    With the nuts to butts, a*****e to belly
    Puttin' krazy glue in my KY jelly

    Fallin' in love is how I swing
    But to society I'm just a gay type thang
    Just a big hairy dude with a baby dick
    Thighs and fingers are machine gun quick
    And a heart that's true, eyes that sing
    I'm a for real guy baby, I'm a gay type thang

    All the rats and crews all the kangaroos
    And the chickens are lookin' like Spiro Agnews
    And the bone headed beauty with a head like a bone
    Just Cadillac walkin' with the radio on

    His ******* are pierced and his butt's in the breeze
    And a rhino reaches out and he gives it a squeeze
    Oh daddy my booty stings
    That's a deep revalation for a gay type thang

    Ooh yeah yea its alright

    It's not a thing,
    It's a thang

    Aaah, I don't know if I want to have sex with you, but uh
    I really don't know you well enough to do anything else

    It's a thang

    It's a thang

    It's a thang

    Hallelujah, I think it's a thang

    Give me some cabbage head, doll

    Reality rears its ugly unwiped tail

    Thaw out


    We party up and know what's right
    We wear flashy clothes and dance all night
    And have group sex, an' do that doo
    There ain't a place in your body we won't get to

    The straight boys fertilize those eggs
    But we've got Crisco for your golden legs
    We're gonna storm your hole and warm your pole
    And you can tell Redd Foxx you've got soul

    Put hope in your soul, soap in your hole
    Is that a wart or just a mole?
    That had better not be no wart you freak
    Or I'll kick your sick ass into next week
    I said i'ts rude, rude, all the way rude
    You looked like such a clean cut dude

    Reality can be stiff and crude
    And now I'm ready to pop a 'lude
    And fall down on the bathroom floor
    And look and feel like one cheap whore

    New boys play the same old game
    The more things change the more they stay the same
    The same
    The more things change the more they stay the same

    It's a thang
    It's a thang
    It's a thang
    It's a thang
    It's a condition
    It's a thang

    I think It's time for my medication

    Margarine or butter?

    It's a thang

    It's a thang

    It's a thang

    Alright all you bitches in cell block eleven

    I m your Avon representitive

    It's a thang
    It's a thang
    Oh It's a thang thang
    Yeah sure things are gonna get better

    Thangs are gonna get better
    Thangs is gonna get better
    ha ha
    Thangs is gonna get better

    ha ha hah
    Thangs is gonna get better baby

    ha ha hah

    It's a thang
    Na na na na na no oh thang

    (ad lib to end)

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