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Song Details
Luna, See? 
By: Insane Ian
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Duration: 3:38 
Release Date: 8/21/2008  (Insane Ian) 
Lyrics By: I. Bonds, Mike S. (Insane Ian) 
Music By: I. Bonds, Mike S. (Insane Ian) 
Produced By: Mike S. (Insane Ian) 
Released By: Idolize W.A.Y. Recordings (Insane Ian) 
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
  • This song was written as part of the second "Masters of Song-Fu" competition over at (Insane Ian)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Listen up folks, I’ve got something to sing
    About my very fav’rite cosmic thing
    It’s called Luna and it has no rings
    And you can see it from the ground

    (It makes) the tides come in and it makes dogs sick
    You know for it I’m a Luna-tic
    It makes grass grow green and it makes hair thick
    It’s the coolest thing around
    But I hate when it goes down!

    (Chorus) See it in the sky and it makes me swoon
    Catch a glimpse in the back of my spoon
    When I eat desert in the dead of June
    And nighttime can’t come too soon

    It orbits the Earth and it’s made of cheese
    Its lunar delights are just sure to please
    It can cure most any STD’s
    And it’s where Bigfoot comes from

    It can be a verb, but it’s usually a noun
    You might see it when you drive through my town
    It happens when someone’s pants are down
    It’s the cause of bathroom scum
    And it’ll clear up the warts on your thumb!

    (Chorus) It is the subject of this catchy tune
    And it is the reason that I croon
    (I would) buy it for me if I was a tycoon
    Or visit it in a balloon

    It’s perfectly round and it weighs a ton
    Its closest neighbor after us is the sun
    Some planets have many but we only got one
    Have you guessed my subject yet?

    There’s a man who lives there and his name is Ray
    They visited him in ’69, so they say
    When it hits your eye, baby, that’s Amore!
    Do you see the point I’m trying to get?
    And if you don’t, I‘ll be upset!

    (Bridge) After all these years it’s been with us
    Hanging out there in the sky
    You can’t stare right at it in a Lunar Eclipse
    But no one remembers quite why

    (Final Chorus) I’d pull it to Earth if I had a harpoon
    I’d make it teach me about the baboon
    I’d take it with me when I go to Cancun
    And it’ll lead my Lunar Army platoon

    You can’t see it in the afternoon
    It’s the cause of every single monsoon
    There’re songs about it playing on my Zune
    Can’t you tell that I love the moon?
    (Insane Ian)
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