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Duration: 2:44 (Tim P. Ryan) 
Release Date:
Lyrics By: Irving Berlin (SteveJC) 
Music By: Irving Berlin (SteveJC) 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
  • From the Broadway Musical "Annie Get Your Gun".Also done by Dinah Shore and Freddy Martin. (SteveJC)
  • Song Lyrics:

    NOTE: There are many lyrics to this Irving Berlin Broadway classic, from "Annie Get Your Gun". I haven't heard Betty Hutton's verison, which didn't chart but have heard very significantly DIFFERENT lyrics from both of two charting
    [For almost all renditions]

    Oh..Folks are dumb where I come from,
    they ain't had any learnin'
    Still they're happy as can be,
    doin' what comes naturally,
    don't what comes naturally.
    You don't have to learn how t'read or write
    to be out with your best fellow or gal
    on a moonlit nite-
    You don't have to look in a book to find
    what's exactly on your sweetheart's mind
    That comes naturally, that comes naturally
    My Uncle out 'n Texas, can't even write his name;
    He signs his checks with "X"'s, but he cashes them
    just the same.

    [next in Dinah Shore version, last in Freddy Martin's]
    Uncle Nick got very sick
    yet never saw a doctor!!
    He just died @93,
    doin' what comes naturally, doin' what comes naturally

    [Freddy Martin version]
    Uncle Ben got real mad , and they caught him stealin' chickens,
    said he "I went in with ease, doin' what comes natch'rlly, doin' what comes natch'rlly"

    [Instrumental violin solo, then guitar solo]

    [Dinah Shore:]
    Oh, Uncle Paul heard someone call,
    When they called Two Deuces;
    He came up with Aces Three;
    Doin' what comes naturally, doin' what comes naturally

    [Second for Dinah Shore, first for Freddy Martin]
    Uncle Jack insured his shack,
    yet now he plays withg matches:
    He'll collect just you wait'n'see
    doin' what comes naturally, doin'
    what comes naturally

    [Second on Freddy Martin only]
    Sister Sal is quite a gal who never had no lessons
    still she learns to sing off key doin' what comes naturally

    BRIDGE 2
    You don't hafta go to no Sunday School
    not t' turn up yer bustle to no stubborn mule;
    you don't hafta wear a professor's dome
    not t' go for th' honey where the bees are come
    That comes naturally
    That comes naturally.

    [Again, only on Dinah Shore]
    A nice young man named Harry, was stuck on
    [the SINGER's-Steve] sister Flo;she'd like to
    marry Harry yet his wife won't let him go!
    So if you saw my Maw and Paw you'd see
    that they'd got no schoolin'-still
    they raise a family, doin' what comes naturally, doin' what comes naturally, doin' what comes naturally, doin' what comes Naturally.

    [For Freddy Martin only]
    My uncle who'd "lived in In texas", had never ever been;
    they tried t'collect his taxes..but...they don't know where he'd been!LOL:)
    [Note this appears earlier in the Dinah Shore version, @record's end in Freddy Martin. I've reposted it for conveince's sake.:)]
    Uncle Nick got very sick
    yet never saw a doctor!!
    He just died @93,
    doin' what comes naturally, doin' what comes naturally

    [c]1945-1946 Irving Berlin/Williamson Music ASCAP.
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    Played on 1 show:
    05-08-88, #88-19
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