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Henry Phillips

I ain’t goin’ to a friend’s house,

And I ain’t goin’ to my place of work,

And I ain’t goin’ to a baseball game or a picture show,

I’m just driving in my car.

And I ain’t lookin’ at my watch now,

‘Cuz I ain’t got no place to go.

A man says, “Hey, would you like a window shine?”

I said, “No thank you sir, I’ma doin’ fine I’m just drivin’ in my car”.

Even though it looks like things ain’t goin’ my way.

Didn’t get promoted.

My wife she done left me.

Just got evicted.

Think I’m goin’ bald now.

Now all I got is,

A bottle of booze and this here Thunderbird,

And I’ll be damned if it’s insured.

And I ain’t lookin’ at the stop signs.

And I ain’t lookin’ at no traffic lights.

And I’m not lookin’ at the children on the cross-walk,

I’m just drivin’ in my car.

I’m just sippin’ on my whiskey.

And I’m just suckin’ down some valium.

And I ain’t worried about no side effects from the Prozac,

I’m just drivin’ in my car.

How do you do hitchhikin’ Mama?

Get in the car and take a ride with me.

She says, “Get your damn hands off of me,”

I said, “Don’t worry mam, I’m a friend ya see,

We’re just drivin’ in my car.

And the two of us are tearin’ up the highway,

With no registration,

Ain’t got no headlights,

Can’t see a damn thing,

“What the hell was that?” now,

Hope it wasn’t a Human,

Now I’m getting’ heat from this girl

That I just picked up off the road

And she’s only 15 years old.

She’s only 15 years old.

How do you do Mr. Policeman?

How’s life treatin’ you on the streets today?

He says, “Pull over son, walk a straight line.”

I said, “Thank you sir, I’ma doin’ fine

Just drivin’ in my car.

What’s them red lights behind me flashin’?

What’s that there chopper up above me?

The sign says, “Check point at the county line.”

I said, thank you folks, I’ma doin’ fine,

I’m just drivin’ in my car.

I’m just drivin’ in my car.

I’m just drivin’ in my car.

She’s only 15 years old.

And I’m just drivin’ in my car.
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